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How did Sony start?

How did Sony start?
Sony corporation is a Japanese multinational company.  We trust Sony's product with close eyes, and the Sony sound system is the best example of that.

Sony is the fifth-largest television manufacturer company in the world. Sony gets 105 positions in the fortune global 500.

Sony corporation is divided into Sony Mobile, Sony Pictures. Sony Finance Service and many more.

How did Sony start?

How did Sony start?

The starting of the Sony corporation is during world war. At that time, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita start a Sony company. After completing graduation, Masaru Ibuka runs a radio repairing shop in Tokyo. At that time, Masaru Ibuka meets with Akio Morita, who was 13 years younger than him. Both decided to start a business. 

Do you know: In 1946  they take a $500 loan from Bank and started Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation. This is the English name of their company. The Japanese name of their company is Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. 

The first product of this company was the "Rice Cooker," which was not that successful. The company sells $6500 products of Rice Cooker, but they can only get $300 profit. After the failure of the first product, they decided to create a new product. Now they make a Tape Recorder.

The turning point of Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita life:

How did Sony start?

Company launch this Tape Recorder in 1950. This product also seems to fail because it is new for Japanese people, and they do not understand its use. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita give some free tape recorders to people and tell them about the use and benefit of a tape recorder.

After that, the company gets many orders from corporate houses and media houses. Company shift in a new place due to its production house. Now the company has become popular, but in other countries, people do not pronunciations the company name properly. The company changes its name to Sony.

Do you know: Sony is made with two words Sound + Sonny. We all know the meaning of sound and at that time the meaning of Sonny is a young boy. "Sonny" a common slang term used in 1950-60 in America to call a younger boy. 

A life-changing moment for Sony company:
How did Sony start?
After changing the company name, the first product of the Sony company is the transistor radio(TR-55) launched in 1955. This was the smallest and compact radio at that time. People like this radio very much, and due to this radio, Sony products selling is 1000 times increase. 

After that, Sony develops people's needs products. In 1962 Sony micro TVS coming and the 1968 company launched a tape recorder and develop some other products. In 1989 the company launched a Walkman. This product was top-rated. In 1980 due to the recession in all world, Sony company was also in the loss, but Sony company never lose hope.

How did Sony start?
In 1982 Sony launched a CD player and also establishes the first video camera. If we talk about today Sony company develop smartphones, cameras, PlayStation, laptops, LED, video recorders, sound systems, and many other products. After massive success in 1997, Masaru Ibuka, and in 1999, Akio Morita was rest in peace(RIP).

Now the revenue of Sony company is more than $9 Trillion. In the end, I can only say that by keeping people's needs in mind, you can also rule the market. 

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