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What are Backlinks?

what are backlinks backlinks do-follow backlinks no-follow backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of websites. In simple words interlinking, your website with another website is called a backlink.  Backlinks help you to succeed in SERP(Search Engine Result Page). No matter how good you are writing an article? Without backlinks, you are not ranking on high competition keywords.

 If you want to rank in high competition then start creating quality backlinks. Always remember one thing quantity of backlinks is not mattered but the quality of backlinks always matters. So if you want to succeed in blogging then my friend start building quality backlinks. 

Now you know the secret. Are you ready for a good time?  Yes, I am asking you. If Yes, then read this article carefully. You can see the old websites have higher domain authority(DA).  Do you know why? 

The answer is simple they create tons of quality backlinks from higher DA(Domain Authority) websites. So if you want to increase your domain authority you need to create backlinks from higher authority websites. 

Why backlinks are important? 

Backlinks tell the search engine that this website content is very valuable and useful. Let's take a real-life example. When you are born few people know you, but many peoples know you when you start interacting with them. 

In the world of backlinks replace interacting with interlinking. The more interlinking you do, the more chances to get ranked 1 on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

 Are you getting the point? Try SEO backlinks. 

Every year Google changes tons of algorithms but one major factor for ranking is always the same that is backlinks. In simple words, backlinks are an evergreen algorithm that never changes. So, for ranking a website or article backlinks always matter. 

Now you know the importance of backlinks. According to Google backlinks comes under the 3 most important factors for ranking. 

The 3 most important factor for ranking on Google is
  • Content(Writing an article for your website)
  • Backlinks(Interlinking your website with other websites)
  • RankBrain(It is a component of the Google Core Algorithm)
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Then Semrush is my first choice. Semrush helps you to create SEO backlinks and check the backlinks of your website whenever you want. 

   Why quality of backlinks is important?

what are backlinks backlinks do-follow backlinks no-follow backlinks

Quality backlinks always matter. 1 quality backlinks are better than 1000 quantity backlinks. If you are creating a high-quality do-follow backlink from the same niche website. Then it is the most powerful backlinks you ever made for your website. So quality backlinks always matter. 

So know you think if we create a do-follow backlink from a different niche high domain authority website. Is it worth it for our website? The answer is Yes. 

Now you think is this do-follow backlink is better than the same niche website. The answer is No. 

Search engines always give more priority to the same niche do-follow backlinks. For example, if you write an article on health and if you get a do-follow backlink from a health niche then my friend this is called the most powerful quality backlinks. 

Include your targeted keyword in anchor text while getting a do-follow backlink because anchor text is the visible part of a link. It helps Google robots to enter your website. 

One powerful backlink is more powerful than 1000 low-quality backlinks. So always focus on quality backlinks. 

Did you know!💡 Quality backlinks are coming from higher authority and trusted websites?  

The quality link should be a Do-follow backlink.

Avoid creating many no-follow backlinks

We all know if we are creating a no-follow(<a href="https://yourwebsite.com" rel="nofollow"> Click Here</a>) backlink Google and other search engines ignore that link.

 In simple words, no-follow links do not count on the search engine ranking algorithms. 

Now you think a no-follow backlink is just a time waste. Not at all. Take it like something is better than nothing. 

Start creating quality do-follow backlinks. Try to get every do-follow backlink from a different domain.

Let's take an example. You linked your website with A, B, and C websites. You can get 1 quality backlink from the A and B websites. With the C website, you can get 4 do-follow backlinks. 

Are all 4 backlinks are same powerful? 

The answer is no. Of 4 backlinks 1 backlink is the most powerful and the remaining 3 backlinks are not good. Due to these 3 backlinks, your first backlink is equal to a non-quality backlink. 

Do you know why? 

I tell you the links from the same website have diminishing returns.  In years of study, I found that the number of domains your website links to matters most in ranking on the search engine result page. Not the number of backlinks you create. 

No, follow links are not helpful from an SEO point of view. Never create comment backlinks if you own a quality website. Google never takes comment backlinks seriously.  

How to get backlinks?

what are backlinks backlinks do-follow backlinks no-follow backlinks

Well, that's the most interesting question? People are always looking for a do-follow backlink. So what is the best way to get a do-follow backlink? 

The answer is to create a likable asset. So if you create good quality content and your blog reader finds it useful. They will give you a do-follow backlink on their website.

Here is the example of a do-follow backlink (<a href="https://yourwebsite.com"> Click Here</a>) 

 One of the most common ways to get a do-follow backlink is writing a guest post for the same niche website. 

Another method is to build backlinks from link roundups. Have you heard about link roundups? If you don't know about link roundups I am telling you about them.  Link Roundups are daily, weekly, and monthly blog posts that link to outstanding content. 

For example, if someone published a blog post with the sole purpose of linking out to quality content and the same type of content you already publish on your site. If they know about your website they simply link your website. This type of link is called link roundups. 

There are many other ways to get do-follow backlinks but the most simple way to get do-follow backlinks is for someone to provide you a list of quality do-follow backlinks. 

Guess what I have a list of 500+ do-follow backlinks. 

Do you want the list of high-quality do-follow backlinks?  

Yes, you want. Great but everything have a price. I don't want you to give free backlinks list because people don't give a dam for free things. The 500+ do-follow backlinks take time, energy, and money.  So you have to pay the price. 

The price of 500+ do-follow backlinks is $14 only. 

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