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How to start a blog in 2024?

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Hello, my dear friend. Do you want to start a blog? 

Well done. It is a great decision. Your life is gonna change. Now it's time to become your own boss. 

Starting a blog is the best decision of my life. I can do my work when I want where I want. Blogging gives me the freedom of creation. 

Starting a blog is very simple. A blog change any person's life, but do you know what a blog is? In simple words, a blog is a website where you write compelling content and upload non-copyright images. Writing a blog is very simple.

 With the help of the blog, you can share your knowledge all over the world. Choose a topic that is close to your heart and write a blog post. Always remember content is king.

When you're writing a blog post, always focus on genuine content rather than copy the content. If your content is real, it can boost your traffic. Always remember if you want to become a successful blogger, you need to be passionate about it.

 The best part of Blogging is people's growth on the internet is exploding, which means more readers come to read your blog post. Now come upon the topic.

There are so many platforms for starting a blog, but I tell you the two most popular blogging platforms. 
  1.  Blogger.
  2.  WordPress.

How to start a Blog with Blogger?

1. Choose a niche. (The topic where you love to write).
2. Buy a domain.
3. Search blogger.com on Google.
4. Now give the title for your blog, e.g., Akshay Akky.
5. Now fill in the address, for example, akshayakky.blogspot.com
6. You can also add a custom domain later, for example, akshayakky.com
7. Now select the default blogger template but I recommended you buy a premium blogger template. 
8. Congratulations, your blog has been created successfully.

You don't need to buy hosting for your blog on Blogger. The hosting is free. You can start a blog on a particular niche, for example, if you are a fashion lover, then you love to write on a fashion blog, and if it is your passion, then nobody stops you from becoming successful.

 You can start a blog on the topic you love to write about, so what are you waiting for? Start your blog now, and share your knowledge with the whole world.

How to start a Blog with WordPress?

The pro bloggers are using the WordPress platform.  

Do you know why?

It is easy to use. In WordPress, you can access or edit and customize anything. There are many plugins and themes in WordPress, which help you make your blog professional. 

37% of the website in the world is powered by WordPress. It is recommended by all professionals.

Start your blog in just 4 Steps:

Choose a Niche( What your blog is about?):

The first and most important thing you can do is find a niche. Don't confuse Niche. It means choosing one vast topic to write your whole blog. 

If you not picking the Niche, that means your Blogging is not going in the right direction. It is easy to write on one topic rather than writing for so many because it becomes too difficult.

Still, getting confused?

Don't worry I am here to help you. I tell you about some Niche blogs that earn millions of dollars. 

Backlinko The founder of Backlinko is Brain Dean. He is an Internet marketing expert he started his blog backlinko and grew it to one of the most popular SEO blogs on the Internet. He only writes about backlinks and SEO and earns millions of dollars. 

You know why he is successful because he chooses the right niche. 

I Will Teach You To Be Rich:  Ramit Sethi is the founder of the I Will Teach You To Be Rich blog. He started his blog 11 years ago. He writes about personal finance and within a few months, he becomes a successful blogger. He was invited on getting an interview on TV and Radio. Now he earns millions of dollars from his blog. 

You don't believe me? Then See this.

 The earning report is from a blog post by Ramit Sethi written for Tim Ferriss's blog. Ramit Sethi earns $5 million in one week through his blog. 

There are so many blogs that I can show but I think you get the point. So, it's all clear that you should choose a niche if you want your blog to be a profitable business.

Your Niche should be your passion. If your Niche is your passion then nobody stops you to become successful. 

Still Confuse! Don't know how to find a Niche? 

Don't worry you are on the right blog. I will give you a list of  100 Niches. I say it again choose the Niche regarding your passion.

Click here to access 100+ Niches Idea.

100 + Niches Idea 

Now its time to choose a Blog Name &Domain Name:

Your blog name should be your Niche and it should be easy to remember. For example Tech To Facts.  Instead of typing your blog name people love to do voice searches. 

Your blog name should be easy to pronounce. It should appear on voice search. Now, you know the secret.

Now, you think about the domain extension. The most popular domain extension is .com it is the most common and most popular extension worldwide. 

Never use numbers with your domain name. It is hard to remember. Your domain name is should be your keyword. 

Keep it simple and short.

Hey, are you looking for the best hosting review? Yes, I am asking you. Then my friend you should visit Hosting Foundry reviews the best ones hosting review websites. 

Pick the best hosting for your blog

You know about hosting. If you don't know about hosting I tell you.

 Hosting allocates space on a web server for a blog or website to store its files(images, pdfs, videos, podcasts, everything of your blog).

It is a server that stays online for 24 hours. That's how your blog runs 24 hours live. 

Now it's hosting time. 

There is a lot of hosting available in the market but I recommended the famous and most reliable hosting. 
Hostinger is the best available hosting for your blog.  It is the fastest hosting available in the market. 

Website speed is the major ranking factor. With Hostinger lite speed technology your blog is loaded faster than ever before.

 If you are stuck in anything Hostinger gives you 24-hour; live customer service.

Hostinger Pro Features:

  • Lifetime SSL certificate.
  • Cloudflare Protection.
  • Daily Backups.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • 24-hour Live Custome Service. 
  • Easy to use C panel.
  • Free Domain Name(Saving $12 year)
The best part, it only costs 0.95/month.

Follow these steps to get web hosting and a domain for your first blog:

1. Visit the Hostinger Pricing Page and select a plan. 

I recommend business-shared hosting. It is the most popular plan chosen by many bloggers.

2. Choose a domain name:   

When you click on add of card you are eligible for a free domain. Enter the domain name that you want. 

Always remember your domain name should be simple and easy to pronounce. Now click on checkout. 

3. Choose a payment method: 

Once you made the payment Hostingor will create your blog all you need to do is check your email. 

4. Setup WordPress on Hostingor:

Setup a WordPress on Hostingor is the quick and easy way. All thanks to its one-click installer. 

how to start a blog
1. Login into your hpanel and locate the Auto Installer under the website section. 
2. Click on the WordPress icon, fill in the required fields, and click Install. 

The next step is ranking your website on Google. For ranking your website 1 on Google. You need an SEO tool. Talking about the SEO tool Semrush is my first priority. 

What other reads? 

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