How to start a blog?

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Starting a blog is very simple. A blog change any person's life, but do you know what a blog is? In simple words, the blog is a website where you write content and upload non-copyright images. Writing a blog is very simple.

 With the help of the blog, you can share your knowledge with all over the world. Choose the topic that is close to your heart and write a blog post. Always remember content is a king.

When you're writing a blog post, always focus upon genuine content rather than copy the content. If your content is real, it can boost your traffic. Always remember if you want a successful blogger, you need to passionate about it.

 The best part of Blogging is people's growth on the internet is exploding, which means more readers come to read your blog post. Now come upon the topic.

How to start a Blog:

1. Choose a niche. (The topic where you love to write).
2. Buy a domain. (The domain name should be fewer 7characters).
3. Search on Google.
4. Now give the title for your blog for e.g., Akshay Akky.
5. Now fill the address in the address you can the address of your blog for example
6. You can also add a custom domain later, for example,
7. Now select the default theme of Blogger.
8. Congratulations, your blog site has been created successfully.

You don't need to buy hosting for your blog on Blogger. On Blogger, the hosting is free. You can start a blog on a particular niche, for example, you are a fashion lover, then you love to write on a fashion blog, and if it is your passion, then nobody stops you from becoming successful.

 You can start a blog on the topic that you love to write, so what are you waiting for? Start your blog now, and share your knowledge with the whole world.

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