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What is Google analytics?

What is Google analytics?
Google Analytics helps you track your website, blogs, apps, social media, and give reports. It shows the number of users on your website, sessions, bounce rate, session duration, active users right now.  In simple words, Google Analytics is the doctor of your website.

 It can protect your website with spam. It can help you to grow your website performance. If you are using an e-commerce site, it shows you the number of sales that you generated day by day, weeks, months, and up to 90 days.  It gives you various reports on your website.

How do you acquire users?

Here Google Analytics shows Traffic Channel, Source/Medium, Referrals in a graphical way. You can see day by day organic traffic, direct traffic, social traffic, referral traffic, and other traffic.

What is Google analytics?

How are users trending over time?

Here you can see active users on your website, on a monthly, weekly, daily basis. For example, you click on 20th January now you can see monthly, weekly and everyday users.

What is Google analytics?

How well do you retain users?

Here Google Analytics shows user retention. You can see the last 3 months retain users' data.

What is Google analytics?

When do your users visit:

Here you can see your website users by time of day. You can see the last 90 days users from 12am to 10pm.
What is Google analytics?

Where are your users:

Here you can see the country of the users where they come from. In simple words, session by countries. When you click on the map, you can see the number of sessions by the government. You can see the last 90day session by the government.

What is Google analytics?

What are your top devices:

Here you can see the top devices mobile, desktop, tablet where users can visit the website. You can also see the sessions by the device. When you click on the circle, you can see the number of sessions.

What is Google analytics?

What pages do user visit your site:

Here you can see the top pages of your website where users visit most. You can see the page, page views, page value.

What is Google analytics?

How you Google Ads campaigns performing:

If you run Google Ads campaigns, you can see directly it on Google Analytics. All you have to do is connect your Google Ads account with Google Analytics.

What is Google analytics?

With the help of Google Analytics, you can see various things. 

1.  Active users on your website.
2.  Where the traffic comes from your website.
3. Real-time user.
4. Traffic sources.
5. Content "where users busy on your website."
6. The IP address of the users.
7. Landing pages.
8. All traffic on your website.
9. Treemaps.
10. Source/ Medium.
11. Referrals.
12. Set the goals and see the plans. How are you performing against the goals?
13. Behavior.
14. Site Content.
15. Site speed.
16. Site search.
17. Events
18. Publisher overview.
19. Conversions.
20. Attribution.

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