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Semrush free trial, review, content marketing toolkit

semrush free trail content marketing toolkit content marketing blogging content

We all know Content is the king. In Blogging, the only thing that can matter is content. People visit our blog to read our Content.

So, our first aim is to create high-quality content. Creating high-quality content, you need a lot of research.

It is not an easy task for creating high-quality Content. You need to find the perfect keyword with a higher search volume.

You need to know which keyword your competitor ranks. For creating high-quality content, we need a high-quality content marketing toolkit.

Talking about the high-quality content toolkit, we have the perfect solution for you.

Semrush Free Trial

Benefits of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit:

  • It helps you to find a topic of your audience's interest.
  • It helps you to create a content plan.
  • It helps you write an article with an SEO content template.
  • It helps you to optimize the article with an SEO writing assistant. 
  • It helps you to analyze mentions in Brand monitoring. 
  • It helps you to measure impact in Post tracking.
  • It helps you to revise and improve content audits.
For all problems, there is one solution, so what are you waiting for to start your Semrush free trial.

Semrush Free Trial

How to create killer content with the help of a Topic research tool?

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed?
Creating content relevant to your audience is most important. With the help of the Semrush search tool, you can create killer content.

All you have to do is go to the Semrush content marketing dashboard and go to topic research.

Now enter any topic or keyword that you want to search. You can select the country of your choice.

You can also enter the domain to find Content. Now click on the get content ideas button to continue.

With the help of a Semrush content marketing toolkit, you can get tons of ideas.

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed?
You can get more topic ideas all you have to click on other options and also save your thoughts. For viewing your saved ideas, click on favorite images.

  1. Cards.
  2. Overview.
  3. Mind Map.
  4. Trending subtopics first.
  5. Favorite ideas.
You can see the subtopic, content idea, Facebook engagements, backlinks, and total shares. 

With the help of these options, you can easily beat your competitors and generate killer content that was loved by your audience. 

How to create SEO-friendly content with the help of a Semrush content toolkit?

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed?

SEO is the most critical factor in ranking top on SERP(Search Engine Ranking Page). For writing SEO-friendly Content, you need to find SEO-relevant keywords regarding your topic. 

All thanks to the Semrush content toolkit, which made writing SEO-friendly content easy. 

Go to the Semrush content marketing toolkit and select the SEO content template.

It shows your website Google's top 10 rivals.

 It also shows you the critical recommendations based on Google's top 10 rivals.

With the help of the Semrush SEO content template, you can see how your competitor uses your target keywords.

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed?

They also give you a primary recommendation to create the best SEO blogpost.

content marketing toolkit

How does SEO writing assistance help you succeed? 
How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed? content marketing toolkit

SEO writing assistant is the best tool for writing SEO-friendly content. It provides instant recommendations for content optimization based on the best-performing article in Google's top 10.

All you have to do is set your target keywords, and they can give you the best recommendations.

Semrush provides the two best SEO writing assistants. Select the option according to your need.

  1. Get Addon for Google docs.
  2. Get Addon for WordPress.

Choose the option regarding your choice. If you are using Google Blogger, then Google doc is an excellent option.

If you are a WordPress user, then you can use both.

When you download Semrush SEO writing assistant extension in your google docs, click on Ads On.

Now it starts working.

It will give you SEO, Readability, Tone of voice, and originally.

If score 9.5, then your Content is SEO friendly, and you will differently rank top 10 on SERP( Search Engine Ranking Page).
content marketing toolkit 

How Semrush Brand Monitoring tool helps you to track any website?

Brand Monitoring is the most important thing to building your brand. It will help you to check the websites where your site name is mentioned in simple words where you get backlinks.

With the help of Semrush Brand Monitoring, you can easily track daily mentions of your brand.

All you have to do is go to Brand Monitoring and type the name of your brand and brand URL and then click on setup.

You can also include words and exclude words. Now select the country our your choice. You can also receive a campaign report weekly on Monday at 11 AM through email.

It shows you the name of the article, estimated reach, number of backlinks, domain name, language, domain authority score, and traffic.

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed? content marketing toolkit

How does Semrush Post tracking help you to analyze the performance of the article?

Post tracking is most important to analyze your article. After publishing your blog article, you should know how it is working?

If the ranking of your article is low, then what is missing in your writing. How many backlinks should you create? How many times has your blog article been shared on social media platforms?

For tracking your blog article, you need a tool. Don't worry, Semrush post tracking is the best tool in the market to analyze your blog post.

All you have to do is go to Semrush Post tracking and type the URL of your blog post. Connect you're Google Analytics and click on start tracking.

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed? content marketing toolkit

How do Semrush content audits help you to check your website performance?
Content audits play the primary role in checking your website Content. You should know what people are thinking about your Content?

Semrush content audits enable you to review your website content, and performance, and help you to measure its effectiveness.   

It helps you in many ways:
  •  How well does your Content engage the user?
  • How well does your Content interact with other sites and search engines? 
Semrush content audits show you the result based on your site map data. It can take some time to analyze your website data. 

Now it shows you the result based upon your sitemap.xml file. 

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed? content marketing toolkit
Now select audit URL and click on-site audit. 

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed? content marketing toolkit

For better results, you need to sign up for your Gmail account and connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

It can show you user average time on page, bounce rate, search queries, backlinks shares, and many more.

If we put all of these metrics together, it indicates only one thing that is user audience like your Content or not.

Let's go to your content sets; you can see the figure of your blog.

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed? content marketing toolkit

How Semrush content marketing toolkit help you to suceed? content marketing toolkit

Now click on the start analyzing button of any category, and you can go to the jump page section, preview one of your pages and see what needs to change!

Conclusion: Semrush content marketing toolkit is the best toolkit available in the market. It provides all the features that help you to succeed in Blogging.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Semrush free trial now.

Semrush free trial

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