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How to start a free business with amazon?


How to start an e-commerce business with Amazon?

How to start a free business with amazon?

Do you know Amazon allows us to start our business with Amazon? To start the business with Amazon, just follow these steps. If you want to sell your product online, then Amazon is the best way to do these things. 

Document requirement for registration on Amazon.

1. Pan card. If you have a private limited company, then you have the  Private Limited company PAN card.
2. GST NumberNumber.
3. Bank Account current or saving.
4. Your email id.
5. Mobile Number.

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How to do registration on amazon for your business?

How to start an e-commerce business with Amazon?

  1. First, go to Amazon. In (For India only) for other countries, go to amazon.com and then click sell on Amazon.
  2. Now you can see to business plans professional and individual.
  3. Click on a professional business plan. Now click on register.
  4. Now an option is coming to create an account you can create your account.
  5. In the next option, you can fill your business name.
  6. Then enter your Mobile Number for verification.
  7. Now enter seller information, and your store name must be unique.
  8. Then select your business type. Then enter your pin code, your business address, then enter your city and click on continue.
  9. When you click on continuing Amazon, shows you that the shipping of Amazon in your area is available or not.
  10. If your location does not have an Amazon shipping service, then you can go to a third party for your shipping.
  11. Now enter your GST number and PAN card number. Now click on next.
  12. The other option coming is the seller interview, where you can select the information about your product to sell in which category.
  13. For example, you can select a kitchen home and other things.
  14. Then you add the information about where do you get the product from. Then select your annual turnover and how many products you can sell in a year. Then another option has come that you can sell your work on the other side. If you can sell your product on another site, click yes, and if you do not, click no.
  15. Now click on next now you see the option of the product listing. Click on start listing, then you go to the add a product page. Now you can search for any product in Amazon and listed this product in your Amazon panel.
  16. Now the second option is to set shipping rates where you can select the courier charges of the customer who can want to buy your product.
  17. There are two types of shipping used in Amazon. The first is self-shipping, and the other is the comfortable ship.
  18. Then the third option is to enter bank details.
  19. Then the IV option is to enter Tax details. First is your PAN number, and the second is your GST number.
  20. Then the V option is a product tax code where you can select the tax of your product.
  21. Then the last option is to upload your digital image signature. When your product is the sale, the signature in the previous of your work is your signature.
  22. Now click on launch your business.
  23. Now your Amazon seller Center account is open where you can see all the detail of your product everything about your work.
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