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How to get Google AdSense approval with in a week?

A verfication letter from google adsense

Google AdSense is the best way to earn money with your website. Google AdSense is not an easy thing to accomplish if you get Google AdSense approval. There is a lot of hard work behind that. To get Google AdSense approval, you may know many things. Google AdSense is a simple way to earn money with your own website, but it is only simple if you know Google AdSense.

How to get AdSense approval within a week:

1. Content:

google adsense approval how to get google adsense approval with in a weekTo get AdSense approval, the best thing is your content. Always remember that content is the king. Without good content, there is no traffic on your website and always remember one thing there is no role of traffic to get Google AdSense approval.

If you have good quality content and have low traffic on your website, you can get the approval from Google AdSense. It is shocking to listen, but it is true. Google AdSense team always focuses on your content, not on your website traffic. If your content is right, you can get approval from the Google AdSense team.

Don't copy the content from any website because if you think you are smarter, forgot that Google is more intelligent than you, and if you use copy content, you won't get approval from the Google AdSense team.

2. Role of images:

To get Google, AdSense approval images are also important, as the content. Always remember one thing don't use copyright images. If you use copyright images, you won't get AdSense approval from the Google AdSense team.

Use 2 or 3 images in 1 particular article—used HD (High Definition) quality images. Ideas play the leading role to get AdSense approval. If you write good content and won't use any photo, you won't get support from the Google AdSense team.

3. Minimum 800 keywords:

When you writing your article, always remember the article you write is a minimum of 800 keywords. If you write an essay of 500,400 for either 600 words, you won't get Google AdSense approval from the Google AdSense team.

Try to write unique things that are not available on the internet if you can do 100% chances to get Google AdSense approval.

Always choose that topic with whom you have knowledge. Many people suggest you write this write that but still write that which you have the proper experience. 

4. Write Hindi content:

The best and easy way to get Google AdSense approval within a week write the content in the Hindi language. If you know the Hindi language, then you can get AdSense approval quickly within a week.

The Google AdSense team would not know the Hindi language correctly, and there is more chance to get the Adsense approval from the Google AdSense team within a week.

If you read these 4 main tips of AdSense approval, nobody stops you from getting the Adsense approval.

5. Write at least 13 or 15 articles:

When we write the essay for AdSense approval, the question is in our mind is how many items we write to get the Adsense approval!

The answer is simple you can write at least 13 or 15 posts of a minimum of 800 keywords with good quality content and used non-copyright images to get the Adsense approval.

Remember one thing don't forget to create at least 3 levels in  13 of 15 articles. If you follow these unique tips, you can get AdSense approval within a week.

Maybe sometimes it takes two or three weeks. It totally depends upon your content and you're non-copyright images. Don,t forgot to add pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, and a disclaimer.

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