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How to earn money?


Money is the most essential thing in our life every human being need money until his death or even after his death also. For the money, people can do anything no matter what happens to him. Money is the most essential thing to live life.

If you have no money, you have no food. If you have suffered from any dangerous disease without cash, you won't get the disease because the doctor always said that first pay the bill, then we do the treatment.

In this article, we can discuss the 5 most straightforward way to earn money.
1. Google.
2. Affiliate marketing.
3. YouTube.
4. Blogging.
5. Write and publish the Kindle ebook.

Let's Start:


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Google is the number one search engine all over the world. Google is the best platform to earn money from your mobile phone. Google gives as many outlets to make money. Google gives us a free opportunity to get our business online with Google. All you have to do just install Google my business application.

Be the Google map guide if you have a Google map guide profile and if your face is highly rated, you can earn money from Google map profile and get a chance to go to the Google headquarters mountain view California in the USA free of cost for the 2-day trip.

For online transaction use, Google pay application, and you can earn money from every transaction with the help of coupon, and the money is directly sent to your bank account. If you are lucky, Google Pay gives you a chance to win 100000 rupees in a lucky Friday coupon with a minimum 500 rupees transaction.

Google AdSense is one of the easiest and best ways to earn online money. All you have to do just start your own website, choose a platform, either blogging, or WordPress, the third-party website, and make more and more money.

If you have a knowledge of coding websites or technology-related things, then you are ready to get a job on Google. It doesn't matter if you don't have any degree; Google only sees your knowledge. Don't waste your precious time go to Google headquarters or contact with that college where Google company hiring the students and find the world's best job.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

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Affiliate Marketing is the future of online business. Many online eCommerce companies used affiliate marketing techniques to grow their business. The best example of affiliate marketing is Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to earn money. Here is a tip for success in affiliate marketing work on nish(particular) keyword. Choose that product you have the most knowledge. It can be easily ranked and liked by many people.

Share your nish blog website in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest it can give you more chances that people can buy with your website link, and you can earn more money with your affiliate marketing link. You can make 2 lakh per month easily with affiliate marketing if you are using this technique.

3. YouTube:

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YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. YouTube is the future of video technology.

You can earn a lot of money from YouTube.

All you have to create your YouTube channel is to earn many things on YouTube like sponsorship, AdSense, selling your own product, and affiliate marketing.

YouTube can give you money for the views that are in your videos, not for your subscribers in your channel, and YouTube can also provide you with money for the advertisement that can show in your YouTube channel before your video. YouTube is the best platform for earning money.

4. Blogging:

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Blogging is the easiest way to earn online money. All you have to need to create your blogging account and write those articles in which you have knowledge. Here is the tip for success in blogging.

Forgetting AdSense approval in blogging, you can write at least 15 articles around 800 words and using two or three images without copyright.

If you follow this tip, you can earn 1 lakh per month easily if you doing blogging as part-time and if you have a proper SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) knowledge.

5. Write and publish a Kindle ebook:

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If you are a student and have good writing skills, this is the best opportunity to earn money with Kindle ebook anyone can publish ebook ok and make money with them. 

The Kindle application is available in every device ( Kindle, laptops, iPods, smartphones, tablets, iPhone, which means your global marketing is enormous.

List your books at the budget rate price, and you can earn up to 70% of the sale. Always remember that Amazon is the best selling machine. People are always looking to Spend on a fantastic deal.

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