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Diamond Crypto smartphone.

The Smartphone is the most essential thing in our day-to-day life. We mostly spend our time with our smartphones. We are very serious about the security of our smartphones. Today we discuss the most expensive smartphones (globally) in the world.

 When we're talking about the most expensive Smartphone, the first thing in our mind is the iPhone. Many people think that iPhone is the most costly Smartphone, but it is not right on the most expensive smartphone list iPhone is in the last place.

Let's start:

Here is the list of the world's most expensive smartphones:

1.  Diamond Crypto(8.97 crore rupees).
2. VIPN Black Diamond(2.07 crore rupees).
3. Savelli champagne diamond(39.36 lakh rupees).
4.  Sirin Solarin(9 lakh rupees).

1. Diamond Crypto:

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Diamond Crypto is the most expensive Smartphone in the world the price of diamond Crypto is 8.97 crore rupees. It is made for those people who take the security of smartphones seriously. Diamond Crypto is purely made from diamond, but Diamond Crypto is now out of date

However, someone rich who wants to disconnect securely only relly on encrypted voice and SMS communication. The Diamond Crypto could make sense. You will be in shock that the spec sheet offers the window CE operating system and Motorola  MX21 processor, but then the entire device is encrypted. Digitogy also provides the best Gadget review.

2. VIPN Black diamond:

vipn black diamond smartphone black diamond vipn smartphone price in india black diamond vipn smartphone gsmarena

The VIPN black diamond is the second most expensive phone in the world. The price of VIPN Black Diamond is $300 000. If we convert this into Indian Rupees, the price is 2.07 crore. Only 5 units of VPN black diamonds were made, and nobody knows who actually owns them. This Smartphone is made with natural diamonds.

3. Savelli Champagne diamond:

savelli champagnee diamond smartphone

Savelli champagne diamond is the third most expensive phone in the world. The price of Savelli Champagne Diamond is $57,000 (39.36 lakh rupees). It offers an 18-carat rose gold shell with 395 white and cognac diamonds. The device runs on Android, and it provides customized services.

4. Sirin Solarin:

sirin solarin smartphone

Sirin Solarin is the fourth most expensive phone in the world. The price of Sirin Solarin is 900,000 rupees. The private focus smartphone claims to offer the utmost privacy to the user. Sirin Solarin runs on the older Android Lollipop operating system. If you are looking for a Gadget review you can visit pixoneye

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