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Jeff Bezos Net Worth

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How much money does Jeff Bezos have?

Jeff Bezos's net worth is $189.3 Billion. The per-day income of Jeff Bezos is $475 million.  The per-minute income of Jeff Bezos is $45,552. Jeff Bezos earns $7,182 per second.  Jeff Bezos owns 80 Million shares of Amazon stock. He is the second richest man in the world. The annual income of Jeff Bezos is 70 Billion.

On 27 July 2017, he surpasses Bill Gates and become the wealthiest person in the world. From October 2017 to 5 January 2021 he is the wealthiest person on the earth. Jeff Bezos owns a 12% share of amazon that means he owns 58 Million shares of Amazon. Jeff Bezos's divorce took his lot of net worth. 

Jeff Bezos's ex-wife gets 19.7 Million shares. At the transfer time, the value of shares was $36 billion. After this incident, Jeff Bezos's net worth reduces from $150 to $114 billion. In 2000 Jeff Bezos was not in the Top 20 wealthiest people on the earth. In late 2014 Amazon shares start booming. As a result in July 2015, Jeff Bezos's net worth was $50 billion. 

Within 2 years Jeff Bezos's net worth had double. In September 2018 Amazon's worth is $1 Trillion. At that time Jeff Bezos's net worth reaches $170 Billion. After the launching of Amazon Jeff Bezos only took 3 years to become a Billionaire. Jeff Bezo's net worth topped $12 Billion when Amazon went public in 1998. 

Jeff Bezos Net Worth history:  

1. $1 Billion first time in June 1998.

2. $10 Billion first time in June 1999.  

3. $50 Billion first time in July 2015. 

4. $100 Billion first time in January 2018.

5. $150 Billion first time in July 2018.

6. $170 Billion first time in September 2018.  

7. $190 Billion first time on 9 July 2020.

8.  $202 Billion first time on 26 August 2020.                                     

    Jeff Bezos Net Worth 

Birth: 10 January 1964
Gender: Male
Height: 1.71m
Profession: Businessman, Entrepreneur

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