What is 5g network technology?

5g network technology 5g wireless network technology 5g mobile network technology 5g network technology architecture

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The 5g network is a platform of technology. The Internet is the most important technology in today world internet totally depends upon the speed of network starting from 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G. Friends do you not happy with your job 4G network speed then this article is for you. Today we discuss the upcoming 5G network technology. Friends when you see in your nearby area many people are happy using the current 4G network. When we downloading anything in the 4G network we think there is nothing better than this but sometimes for other activity, we said that our Wi-Fi speed is better than our 4G network.

When we discuss 4K video streaming or VR video streaming, in that case, some time 4G network also fails. The same thing happens when a 3G  network is coming to the new technology is available that is video calling and that time we also think that there is nothing better than this 3G network but when the 4G network is coming this proves wrong. Practically we see much error in a 3G network that is not good with our expectations.

5g network is a platform of technology 5g wireless network technology

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In a survey of the mobile network every 10 years in 1990 there is a 2G network, in 1998 there is a 3G network, in 2008 4G network was launch, and in few days 5G, mobile network technology is coming.

The 5G network is very different from other networks like 2G,3G,4G. 5G network work in a different way and the applications of a 5G network is very smart. In 5G network frequency band is very very high which is very good at speed but not good for animals, birds, and also for human beings.

In the 5G network, we use millimeter technology. Now let's discuss the advantage and disadvantage of 5G wireless network technology.

When you increase the frequency in transmission for example radio networks suppose you have transmitter when you increase the frequency you have one advantage or one disadvantage the advantages is you can send multiple data at high speed and disadvantages is the range of connection is very low the loss of signal is very high in fact your signal is not cross the solid walls.

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If there is any rain or windstorm your 5G signal is very weak the best example of this type of signal is your DTH signal to overcome this problem we can use new techniques in 5G wireless network technology. There is no standard for 5G network technology architecture write to know.

Within 3.5 seconds you can download 2 hours HD movie with 5G network technology as an exception. The quality and service of the 5G network technology are very good. If we using the wireless tower for a 5G wireless network technology it is good for everyone that lives on earth.5G wireless network technology brings the fastest speed if the tower is on a home. Every company wants to build a 5G wireless network technology tower.

Using a cell phone for a long period of time is the cause of brain cancer said by National Cancer Institute if 5G technology is coming there should be high chances of brain cancer.5G network technology only comes when we found a solution to every problem that occurs with 5G mobile network technology.

China becomes the first country in the world who launch 5G network technology with smartphone Huawei P30.

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