Why the value of B Tech is getting low day by day?

Read this article carefully we wrote this article under the suggestion of million engineers. Today article is based upon BTech. When we here the name of BTech it seems to be a very big thing like a technical thing. In this article, we can touch 4 main things about Btech?

1. Why the value of BTech is getting low day by day?
2. Why the current engineers are not happy to get graduate in BTech?
3. Why the supply is called the backbone of engineering?
4. Why engineering life is boring but also the best college life?

Let's start:

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How many engineers get jobs every year in India?

 In a survey, 70% of parents want his children to become engineers because the value of the engineer is very big we can't underestimate the power of engineers. Without engineer many things would not happen like the bridges, the buildings and many more things are not build if there is no Civil engineer.

There is no engines of a car, no engines of the bike no engines of airplane no engines of a machine and many more things if there is no Mechanical engineer. 

There is no electrical bus no computers and no electricity if there is no electrical and electronic engineer(EEE). The future of the world is electronic buses electronic cars and many more electronic things without the engineers it cannot be accomplished.

In today world technology is the most important part of human life without technology human being can't survive and technology is totally based upon the CSE engineering department without CSE there is no technology. Computers, Roberts, Laptops, Smartphones, TV, Washing Machine and many more things are part of the Technology. For 1.5 Million engineers only 0.7 can get jobs.

1. Why the value of BTech is getting low day by day:

The meaning of Btech is a Bachelor of Technology. BTech degree complete in 4 years. In 4 years we can learn a lot of things about yourself, world and most importantly about BTech.

But the question still remaining same if BTech has many benefits why the value of BTech is getting low day by day. The reason is simply due to the popularity of the BTech many students choose their carriers graduated in BTech.

How many engineering students pass out every year in India?

Every year 1.5 million engineers pass out in India but few of them are finding a job. Due to the huge strength of students in engineering, the value of engineering is getting low and low. Half of engineering government seats are empty every year.

These lines are excuses or it should be true at one point. We advise for all technical friends that only focus on quality instead of focusing about quantity no matter how many years you should take to complete your Btech degree. The demand for engineers very high it is not a joke it is the reality.

2. Why the current engineers are not happy to get graduate in Btech:

Engineers are very genius. Every engineer has his own quality. Engineers thinking in a very practical way. The word engineer is respected by every person in the world but the work of engineer won't be respected. The demand for BTech student is very high but due to high strength, few of them are getting a job in companies.

For hearing bad things about engineers and because of high competition in engineering field current engineers are not happy. A little story behind it. When I discuss with my friend what are you doing now he says regretting I am confused what he says then my other friend laughing and said that he did his graduation in BTech field.

Many peoples are not happy to doing BTech because when they start engineering the demand of engineers are very high but when they complete their graduation in 4 years the demands of engineering are very low due to high strength and high competition. In today world regretting word is very common in the engineering field.

3. Why the supply is called the backbone of engineering :

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In school life, if we failed in one subject then we considered fail in that class but in college life, it can change if we fail then we go to next semester with a supply. BTech and supply are best friends for reading this line it seems to be quite funny but it is the reality. In a survey maximum student Got supply in BTech.

If we ask this question to the engineers they said that without supply there is no BTech. Supply show us the value of BTech. When we got a supply in any semester of BTech we can prepare for that exam twice especially when it comes with other exams. It can strengthen us mentally because practice makes a man perfect.

4. Why engineering life is boring but also the best college life?

Btech is completed in 4 years. Engineering life is not boring it is practical life. In 4 years we can learn many things like doing the assignment together, doing group projects, study together in last day of exams, enjoy the farewell party together, enjoy hostel life, and many more things.

Engineering life is boring when your parents want you to become an engineer but you don't want to become an engineer at that time your engineering life is boring because you won't choose engineer as your career or as your Passion. At that time your engineering life is boring.

What country has the most engineers?

Russia has the most engineers. The value of engineers is very high. Engineers are the backbone of Technology.

Who was the first engineer in history?

Imhotep was the first engineer in history he designs the Pyramid od, Djoser.

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