Can the storage of our brain is full?

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Today article is going brainy do you know how many percents of brain work in our whole life. We always hear that our brain is work like the computer but the reality is that a computer is made from the presence of the human mind. There is a lot of similarities between a computer and a human being then it is not wrong to ask. The first question that can begin in our mind how much space or hard disc in our brain. In simple words how many memory in our brain. How much GB data can you store in our brain?

Let's start:

If we talking about the computational Uro scientist everybody have different thinking but a common range come in the survey about brain memory.

Is there a limit to brain memory?

1 Terabyte(1000GB) 2.5 Petabytes(1000 Terabyte)  data can store in the human brain. We are using only 1GB data storage of our mind in our whole life.

Now you think how computational Uro scientist can get the detail of human brain-mind. It is very simple the human mind has 100 million neurons. In medical language, it can say snaps. The data stored in this synaptic connection.

If you can multiply 1000 billion neurones*1000 synaptic connection the answer is 100 trillion data point(100 TeraBytes).

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13 Important points about your brain:

Can you use more than 10 percent of your brain?

Yes, the rear human can use more than 10 percent of the brain one of them is Elbert Einstein according to internet and research but it is not true it is a myth. The most brain used by living thing is shark 20%.

1. If somebody can ignore us or reject us then our brain feels that we have an injury.

2. Half of our genes tell us the brain movement and other genes tell us other body movements.

How much information can the brain store in one day?

3. In one day approximately 70,000 thoughts come in our mind and 70% of thoughts are negative.

4. With the help of surgery hour, the half mind can be left with our body and there is no effect in our memory.

5. 60% of our brain has fat. The fattiest part of our body is our brain.

6. Our brain has grown up for about 40 years. Brain and mind are different things they are not the same and scientist do not know until today that which part of the human body human mind can present.

7. In our brain, there is a midbrain Doberman system(MBDS) which help us to know the future activity is present.

8. Can the storage of our brain is full?

The answer is no. Our brain has unlimited memory and they never full. Your mind never sends you the message that the brain memory is full.

9. The memory that is not important it can delete by our brain to get add new memory in our brain.

10. If you can get your brain ready that you can sleep at night then your brain can let it.

11. If you can use your smartphone for a long period of time then there is a risk of brain tumor.

12. If Amygdala out to the human brain then human can't afraid from anybody.

13. When we watching TV our mind is very less use this is very bad for children because their mind cannot develop if they watching TV for many hours children mind can develop with reading stories and reading books.

Is it possible for your brain to be full?

No, the brain has unlimited storage.

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