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How to stay safe online?How safe is online trading?

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 The Internet is the most important thing in our life our day-to-day life is totally based on the internet. People who just started using the internet think that everything available on the internet is true. Today we discuss online internet security or in simple words how to be safe online?

Our personal information data is saved on our mobile phones and our laptops. The security of this data is most important especially for the new person who just starts using the internet.

We always think that our personal information is safe in our mobile phones and laptops and without our permission, our personal information won't be leaked but it is not true our personal information is not safe. Our personal information is saved in our mobile application especially in a social networking application.

Let's Start:

For example, Facebook is the most using mobile application all over the world and Facebook can capture our all personal information data which many people don't know. When we downloaded the Facebook mobile application it can access all personal information you can check this in your Facebook mobile application app that how much data can capture by the Facebook mobile application if we discuss in detail Facebook can capture our mobile camera, phone recording our call records our messaging records, that we send with our mobile phone, not on Facebook.

Facebook can do it with your permission but you don't know about it because many people don't read the previous policy on Facebook. In the Facebook previous policy of  Facebook said that for a better Facebook experience we want to access your personal information.

 With the help of this information when we open our Facebook account Facebook can suggest us our nearby peoples it is all possible because Facebook can capture our personal information but if you don't want to capture your personal information on Facebook you can change this in your mobile application and your Facebook setting.

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When we install any application on our mobile phone the application said that they need to access our personal information then we have to option deny or alow and maximum time we can click on allow option and our mobile applications can access all our personal information including our location.

Google is the most important thing in Android mobile devices because Android mobile devices are totally based upon Google such as Google Play Store our Gmail which can capture all over data so the security of Google is most important in our mobile device to save our personal information.

 Google can capture all the mobile information with the help of our Gmail account and Google is the most secure thing. We can check our security checkup with the help of a Google security checkup.

For mobile security, Google provides the best security system to save your personal information. If we discuss our smartphone then the security option is always available in our smartphones like fingerprint sensor  Face Unlock option or screen password but these options are not enough to save our mobile personal information. In last we just said that unlocking your phone with Google security.

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