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Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is the real hero of our country India. Everybody proud Abhinandan Varthaman especially every Indian. The way Abhinandan Vardhaman doing his duty every Indian person salute him.Everybody knows what Abhinandan has done for his country because Abhinandan is trending on every news channel and every social media platform all over the world.

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1. The early life of Abhinandan Vardhaman.
2. When Abhinandan Vardhaman joins the Indian Air Force.
3. How Abhinandan Vardhaman we'll world-famous and make India proud and claim his name in history forever.

The early life of Abhinandan Vardhaman:

Abhinandan Vardhaman was born on 21 June 1983 at Tamil Nadu, in Tambaram. The name of Abhinandan  Vardhaman father is Simhakutty Vardhaman. Abhinandan father was retired Air Marshal in Indian Air Force.

Abhinandan father Simhakutty
Abhinandan father Simhakutty
Abhinandan Vardhaman grandfather are also in Air Force when India was not independent and Abhinandan grandfather are participate in World War 2. Abhinandan Vardhaman family served India for a long period time and every Indian has shown great huge respect for Abhinandan Vardhaman and his family.

Abhinandan Vardhaman father also makes name for himself in Indian Air Force. Abhinandan father Simhakutty is an officer commanding in chief the service number of simhakutty is 13606.

Abhinandan father Simhakutty won many medals in Indian Air Force like Param vishisht Seva Medal,  ATI vishisht Seva Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal.

There is an interesting thing after retirement Simhakutty work in Tamil film name Kaatru Veliyidai as an advisor. The movie is based upon the Kargil War. This movie story based upon the Indian pilot who is in jail in Pakistan at Rawalpindi as Prisoner Of War.

Unfortunately, the same thing happens with Simhakutty son Abhinandan Vardhaman and every Indian will be on the same page. Abhinandan completes his study in Kendriya Vidyalaya Bangalore and also study in National Defence Academy.

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When Abhinandan Vardhaman joins Indian Air Force:

After completing his study and training in National Defence Academy Abhinandan Varthaman joins Indian Air Force on 19 June 2014. 27981 is the service number of Abhinandan Vardhaman in Indian Air Force.

Abhinandan Vardhaman married with Tanvi marwaha and Abhinandan wife Tanvi is also in Indian Air Force as a pilot now she is retired.288000 is the service number of Abhinandan Vardhaman wife Tanvi Marwaha.

Abhinandan and Tanvi are childhood friends. From 5th class, they can study in the same school. In fact, in college, they complete their degree in microbiology in the same year.

Tanvi also completes his degree in Armed force executive in IIM Ahmedabad. Tanvi work as Squadron leader in Indian Air Force for 15 years.

After retirement in 2018 in Indian Air Force Tanvi work in Reliance jio as DGM post. Abhinandan Vardhaman and Tanvi Marwah have a son the name of the son is Tavish.

How Abhinandan Vardhaman we'll world-famous and make India proud and claim his name in history forever:

On 27 February 2019, Abhinandan Vardhaman was flying a MIG-21 with other Air Force Wing Commander and finding is the target because the Pakistan aircraft was entering in Jammu and Kashmir.

Abhinandan Vardhaman crosses the border of Pakistan and struck by the Missile and his plane MIG-21  was crashed in Pakistan.

Abhinandan Vardhaman jumps into the plane with a parachute and having one pistol in hand and land into the village of Horan in Azad Kashmir nearly 7 Km from the line of control.

Local villagers claim that they found the Indian pilot having an Indian flag on his uniform. After landing Abhinandan Vardhaman was asked for water and said he was a back injury.

The local village's people follow Pro Pakistan slogans and then Abhinandan fire a warning Bullet shot in the air and start running and local villages people start chasing Abhinandan.

Abhinandan fell into the stream and at that time Vardhaman swallows important document's within few seconds local village peoples catch Abhinandan and beat him and in few minutes Pakistan army come and get Abhinandan from local village people.

MiG-21 Bison Abhinandan Vardhaman air craftLocal village people shoot a video of Abhinandan Vardhaman Bardhaman and upload it in social media and video is on trending in every social media platform.

Pakistan Soldier made 3 videos of Abhinandan Vardhaman in the 2nd video the commander of Pakistan ask Abhinandan tell me what your plan and the brave Soldier of India the tiger Abhinandan Bardhaman said that I am not supposed to tell you anything.

At that time Indian government confirms that Indian pilot was missing after an action in MIG-21 beston fighter plane was lost while fighting with Pakistan jets.

On 28 February the President of Pakistan Imran Khan addressing in the parliament of Pakistan said that they release Abhinandan Vardhaman for peace.

Abhinandan Vardhaman crosses Wagah Border on 1 March 2019 and handed to Indian BSF  soldiers before some paper works that take too much time.

 Abhinandan Vardhaman comes back to home India all Indian people were very happy. Abhinandan Bardhaman was the inspiration of all Indian people.

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