How did Britannia start?

How did Britannia  start?

No matter how you start if you can do something great then you can convert a small start into a big company. Yes, we are talking about Britannia company. The company is starting from 295 rupees and now Britannia is one of the best food companies. Britannia company starting from small house and now company sell their products more than 60 countries in the world.

Starting of Britannia company:

How did Britannia  start?

Britannia founded in 1895 with 295 rupees. In a starting time company is only creates biscuits. The starting headquarters of Britannia is in Central Kolkata in a small hunt. The quality of Britannia biscuit is very good and the price is very low that's why people like this biscuit very much.

After that when India start fighting for their freedom then the Britishers decided to sell this company to an Indian person. Then Gupta Brothers buy this company. The main shareholder is Nalin Chandra Gupta. In 1918 to take Britannia into a great level Gupta Brothers partnership with English businessman CH Holmes.

From here Britannia never looks back. In 1924 Britannia open another factory in Mumbai. Now the company is very popular. After that when world war 2 start the demand for biscuits is very high. The sales of Britannia company is very increasing and the company broke all his production record.

Turning Point for Britannia company:

How did Britannia  start?

When India independent in 1947 the popularity of Britannia company is also increased. The maximum share of biscuits is under Britannia. In 1979 company changed its name into Britannia Industries Limited. The ownership of Britannia company is changed much time and Britannia did pass under many complicated processes.

Kerala based businessman Rajan Pillai and Nusli Wadia are fighting in court for the Britannia company ownership but after the death of Rajan Pillai Britannia full control is under Nusli Wadia. From 1998-2001 Britannia's sales is increased by more than 16%. If we see the current sale of Britannia company it is increased by more than 29%. Britannia also deals in dairy products, cakes, and many other products.

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