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How did Realme Start?

How did Realme Start?

If you provide good things to your customers at a low price, then within a few times, you can see popular your brand all over the world. Yes, we are talking about the recently started company, Realme. Within a few months, Realme is the first choice for every customer.

During Flipkart's big billion sales, more than 15 lakh smartphones of Realme were sold. For selling more than 15 lakh smartphones within 5 days, Realme creates a new record.

The success story of Realme:

How did Realme Start?

The story of Realme is starting from 2010 when in China, it seems as Oppo real. This is basically the Oppo electronics corporation. It is work under Oppo for many years. This brand is handled by Sky Li, who is the vice president of Oppo. Sky Li plays the leading role in Oppo's success in launching Oppo in more than 31 countries.

After that, with vast experience, Sky Li decided to left Oppo in 2018 and make his own company, Realme.

On China national youth day 4 May 2018, Realme was launch. Sky Li launch Realme because he wanted to provide a great smartphone at a low price and every familiar people buy this smartphone.

In May 2018, with the name of Realme 1, Sky Li launched the first smartphone of his company in the Indian market.

Do you know: If someone launched a budget product in India the chances of the success are very high. Sky Li know this thing very well from his old experience that's why he launched his first smartphone in India.

A life-changing moment for Sky Li:

How did Realme Start?

When this budget smartphone Realme 1 is launched in India, within 30 days, more than 400000 units are sold. With first impression Realme touch people heart. After early success on 4 September 2018, Realme launched his second smartphone, Realme 2, in India.

Within 5 minutes of launching, 5,00000 units of Realme 2 were sold. This success is a problem for the Xiaomi company because, at that time, Xiaomi is the best budget smartphone company in India.

After that, Realme launch many smartphones Realme C1, Realme C2, Realme U1, Realme 3, Realme 3 Pro, Realme X master edition, Realme 5, Realme 5 Pro, and many more. 

The popularity of Realme:

How did Realme Start?

With every smartphone launching of the Realme brand, Realme beat all the competitors inside the market. Realme is famous in India, but it is globally renowned from July 2019 in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, France, Italy, the Philippines, and many more countries.

Within 1 year and some months, Realme is in the list of top mobile phone manufacturers. In August 2019, Realme companies had more than 1crore customers, and the customers continue increasing day by day. These figures show the success story of the Realme brand.

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