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How did Tik Tok start?

How did Tik Tok start?

Friends, you can use many apps on your smartphone. Some of them are favorite, and some are not, but when we talking about Tik Tok, it is the favorite app of all persons. Tik Tok is the most downloaded app in the play store and app store.

If you want to earn money, then Tik Tok is the best source. Tik Tok has billions of users all over the world in very little time. Tik Tok is the best app for entertainment. If you want entertainment, then download the Tik Tok app. It can give you the opportunity for live broadcasting and video editing and, most importantly, earn money with sponsorship.

Tik Tok is basically a Chinese video social networks and lives broadcasting app that is trending after the few days of it's launching. The user can create 15 seconds to a 1-minute video, and you can add a soundtrack.

 Many speed option is available in Tik Tok. This app comes with many filters and effects, which makes your video unique and interactive. 

How TikTok was created:

How did Tik Tok start?

Tik Tok is created by Alex and Luyu.

Before Tik Tok, they develop education purpose social network apps. With the help of this app, users can create a 3 and 5 minutes video where users can share their academic knowledge, and investors will also like this idea. For funding this project, many investors have arrived, and after the collection of money within 6 months project was created.

Unfortunately, this application is not as successful as they think. Alex and Luyu were very disappointed, but they never give up. They modify this project and change this project for entertainment purposes. Again they need investors, but due to their first failure, people not ready to invest.

So they invest the first project remaining money in this new project they try something new, and they don't want to un-successful this time.

They decided to target American teenagers for this project because American teenagers always welcome new ideas. In 2014 musically (Tik ToK) official version is launch.

The success story of Tik Tok:

How did Tik Tok start?

This time this project has a lot of hard work and smart work, and the chances of this project failure are scarce.

In 2015 millions of people attract with musically (Tik Tok). In July, this app becomes the most downloaded app in the App store.

 In Canada, the UK, Japan, Germany, Brazil, the PhilippinesIndia, and many other countries, Tik Tok is the most downloaded app.

Do you know: More than 15 million new videos uploaded in Tik Tok within a day.  On 9 November 2017, musically is inquire(bought) by Bytedance Technology. This deal has happened between 800 Million Dollars to 1 Billion Dollars.

 Tik Tok is the combination of Musical.ly and Duyin's logos app. Tik Tok is officially launched on 2 August 2018. In 2018 Tik Tok had more than 200 million users who become Tik Tok is one of the most significant social networking app lists.

For seeing this, we all said that Alex and Luyu's idea has become successful. This is just the starting of the Tik Tok application. After that, this application touching many heights. In July 2016, more than 90 Million people downloaded Tik Tok.

People who have the most followers in Tik Tok:

1. Tik Tok official account.
2. Lisa and Lena.
3. Baby Ariel.
4. Loren Gray.
5. Kristen Hancher.

Tik Tok proves that no matter how much competition in the smartphone world, but if your product is right, nobody stops you from becoming successful.

Tik Tok is banned in India for some time, and it removes from the play store and app store but due to high user demand.

 It back better than always with high security and becoming the most downloaded app in the play store and app store.

When Tik Tok was banned, many famous YouTubers said that it is a vulgar app, but Tik Tok replies with his success and shut all his hater's mouth.

 In today's world, you don't ignore Tik Tok it is the fastest growing social networking app, and if you want to famous with less hard work, then Tik Tok is the best platform it can change many person life. 

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