How did Coca-Cola start?

How did Coca-Cola start?

Someone said that if your hard work is true then nobody is stopping you to become successful and these words fully fit with favorite soft drinks all over the world Coca-Cola. The man behind the Coca-Cola invention is John Pemberton. He used morphine drug to make a relief of his pain. During America civil war he is injured and for making relieves of pain he started morphine drugs.

After that due to his regular use John Pemberton has a Morphine Drug addiction and for stopping this addiction. John Pemberton invents Coca-Cola. In 1885 John Pemberton registered this drink as Pemberton French Wine Coca. 

How did Coca-cola Start?

How did Coca-Cola start?

In starting time this drink has some quantity of alcohol but when in 1885 alcohol and related substances be opposed by people. Then John Pemberton made his drinks non-alcoholic version. This drink is first sold in Jacob's Pharmacy. The price of this drink for one glass is 5 cents.

At that time in the United States, Soda Fountain drink is very famous because people think that this type of drink is very good for health. John Pemberton takes benefit of these things he said that his drink helps us to fight with many diseases like stomach pain, head pain and most importantly morphine drug-addicted problems.

Turning point for Coca-Cola:

How did Coca-Cola start?

On 29 March 1886 in Atlanta Journal newspaper John Pemberton advertise his drink. If we talking about Coca-Cola's name it is suggested by Frank Robins because in this drink Coca plant leaves and coca plant fruit is used. The fruit of the coca plant is called cola.

After 1 year business in 1887 Atlanta live person, Asa Candler buys the Coca-Cola formula in $2300 and after 1 year John Pemberton died. Candler makes very hard work in Coca-Cola branding and 1990 Coca-Cola become the most popular drink in America.

Do you know: The world-famous Softdrink company Coca-Cola only sell 9 drinks in a day at its starting. You will be in shock when you know people drink Coca-Cola as a medicine.  

Success Of Coca-Cola:
How did Coca-Cola start?

On 12 March 1894 Coca-Cola is first time sell in glass bottles. After some years for extending Coca-Cola all over the world, the shares of the company are sold by many investors.  When Coca-Cola enters the Share-Market the price of one share is $40. Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola(The meaning of the soft drink is Coca-Cola)

After that many people sell and buy Coca-Cola but Coca-Cola's popularity is always remaining popular all over the world. This is the only reason Coca-Cola after 100 years Coca-Cola still the 1 soft drink all over the world. This brand is in every person's mind.

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