What is the Basic of the Share Market for beginners?

How to earn money with Share Market?

If you did not choose how you can earn money while you're sleeping then you should work until your death. These words said by one of the richest people in the world American Ambassador and Businessman Warren Buffett and we all agree with that. If we earn a lot of money and do not invest it in the right place then we do not fulfill our dreams. There are many ways to fix your money like a Fixed deposit, Bonds Investment, and last Share Market.

Before investing in these platforms we should know how much time we invest in this money and what is the benefit with that investment and which platform gives us more interest.  If you do fixed deposits in the bank then you get the only fixed-rate interest and this investment is best for those people who invest money without risk for some time.

Share market:

How to earn money with Share Market?

In Share Market, you can earn more money with your less investment but before you invest in Share Market you have the full knowledge of Share Market if you don't have full knowledge of Share Market don't invest your money in Share Market otherwise you will lose your money.

Basic of Share market:

Share Market also known as the Stock Market where many big companies share sell and buy. If you buy a share of any company then you will be the partner of that company. The company tries to be the best in their field by selling the company share to earn money.

 If the company is in profit then you also get profit for your investment because share you can buy is more inflation and it can give you more profit. If the company is in loss then you also in a loss because the price of your share is decreasing.

Now you know: How to Share Market work?

Now, the question occurs in our mind can we invest in Share Market the answer is yes you can invest that money in Share Market even if you lost this money does not matter. You should invest in the Share Market because you get more profit in Share Market as compared to other fields. Always remember if you don't have the knowledge of Share Market you will definitely in losses.

The next question occurs in your mind:

How we invest money in share market?

How to earn money with Share Market?

For investing your money in Share Market you need a Demat account that can link directly with your bank account. First, you can add money to your Demat account from your bank account. After that, you can invest in any company share. When you selling your buy share the money first transfer in your Demat account then go to your bank account.

For Demat account the best company in India Zerodha. For investing in Share Market first we paid a fee and the fee is very less in Zerodha. When you become a member of the Zerodha company you get a free share market video.

Now you are ready to join Share Market but before you join the Share Market you can know about these things.

The things that you should know before investing in Share Market

1. Do your own research.
2. You got many experts on the Internet, TV, Newspaper which can give you advice for Share Market but never ever take that advice.
3. Only invest upon the basis of your knowledge.
4. In early never think that you can earn money fast in the stock market and go away because of this think many people lost their money.
5. Invest your money in good companies for long term goal because in long term goal the chances of losing money are very low and the chances of profit are very high.
6. First only invests that money which does not matter to you if you lost that money.
7. Always remember that never invest your money on one company share.
8. Invest small amounts of money in different companies because if one company is in loss then you can get profit from other companies.
9. In simple words Diversify your investments.
Here is a tip: Never track on news always track on-trend.

How to earn money with Share Market?

Do you know: What is NIFTY 50?

It is the representative of India's Top 50 companies. It can show the performance of the company. NIFTY 50 has a price earning ratio. You always check the price earning ratio. Always check all market price ratio instead of a single company.

The lowest price earning ratio is 10 and the highest price earning ratio is 30. If the NIFTY price earning ratio is on 10, 11,12,13 you should invest in the stock market you will definitely earn more money and if the NIFTY price earning ratio is 30 never-ever invest in share market you losses maximum part of your money.

Now the question occurs in your mind:

 Where we can check the NIFTY 50 price earning ratio?

You can check the NIFTY 50 price earning ratio on nseindia.com.

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