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How to avoid laziness and become successful?


how to avoid laziness and become successful

After college life, the biggest problem arrive in everyday human being life is that they start thinking regarding their carrier, especially in their free time. Let's take an example of a person who is open approximately eight hours a day and think he can do this. I can do that, but in reality, he is only thinking not to start doing.

This is the leading cause of laziness. Try to do yourself busy at work, especially in your free time.

If we are free and jobless or non-carrier, the question arrives in our mind:

1. What should we do to being successful?
2. Using a smartphone in free time?
3. How to earn money?
4. Should I sleep for some time or taking some bed rest?
5. Watching television?

1. What should we do to being successful?

Everybody wants to be successful. If you want to achieve something you like, you need a great effort to accomplish your dream.

Motivational Speaker Sandeep Maheshwari said that if you want something and the world gives that thing to you, you become the servant of the world, but what the world wants is provided by you, then you control this whole world.

Try to accomplish something unique that is very rare in this world, then millions of people are behind you and follow you. They want to become like you, and you become the role model of millions of people.

 If you passionate about anything, just follow your passion no matter what's your family, friends, relatives, and the whole world said. Let make your love your work, and you become the master in that thing. You become a brand, and you are the owner of many jobs.

2.  Using a smartphone in free time?

how to avoid laziness and become successful

Smartphone becomes part of our day to day life. In free time the most time we can spend with our smartphones is it good for us. Yes, it is good for us if we use it in the right way, remember one thing technology is our best friend and also the best enemy.

 In free time we using smartphones and open the social media platform. It is perfect for us by using social media platforms, we know what happened in the world that is trending, especially when we watch YouTube.

 Social media platforms can help us in many ways when we open Twitter.

We know what's going trending on the world by using social media. Many ideas occur in our minds, helping us accomplish our dream of learning something new and unique.

If you are a blogger, then you're smartphone is your money. You can write a unique article with the help of your smartphone, especially the idea build in your mind for using social media platforms, which can change this world.

3. How to earn money?

Money is the first thing that occurs in our minds in their free time, especially when we are jobless. The first question that arises in our mind is family pressure because the family tells you that the Neighbors boy doing a job, but you are still at home.

 So the first target is in your mind to get a job which has a high salary so you can start searching for the companies which pay the highest salary package you go for an interview and doing the job which you are not interested in. Still, you do the job because only for money, so don't do this.

There are many easy ways to earn money, mostly from home.

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How to avoid laziness and become successful? 

how to avoid laziness and become successful

1. Just believe in yourself.
2. Let be you.
3. Don't try to compare yourself with anybody.
4. Just follow your passion. 
5. Stop blaming start doing try to improve yourself

4. Should I sleep for some time or taking some bed rest?

If we are free any time, we think that should I sleep for some time or taking some bed rest.  Remember one thing at the age of 21 to 30 years, avoid more sleeping sleep only for 6 to 8 hours in a day because these 10 years decide the whole next life after 30 till the death.

 If you can work hard and work smart after your graduation and accomplish your dream at this age period.

Then your whole life is damn good, and you won't worry about money in your entire life, so always remember one thing stop blaming, start doing, avoid too much-thinking start doing.

5. Watching television?

In my free time, we prefer watching television for entertainment, especially for spending free time, is it suitable for a specially when we are jobless.

 Yes, it is good for us, but if we watch this in a limited way.

Because entertainment is perfect for the human body, it can refresh our brain or create many things that can help us in many things but spend all our free time watching television is not suitable for us.

Remember one thing that I hear at a very early age, Jo, so Gaya wo Kho Gaya Jo Jag Gaya bho. 
Pa Gaya means the jobless person only tries to time-pass or think for extra sleeping if he won't accomplish his dream. He can only blame himself, not anyone else.
The person who does hard work and brilliant work at the age of 21 to 30 will accomplish his dream and become successful in his life and live his life like a king and set an example in the whole world and become a legend. 

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