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How to get more followers in Instagram?

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Friends as all we know that Instagram is a social networking site which is sell by Facebook. There are 400 million active Instagram user 70% of an Instagram user is outside the USA United State America. 75 million users can use the Instagram app in a day. Instagram is a social networking application which is used to sharing photos videos and many other things

Instagram is the fastest growing Social Networking side. Friends you can put hashtags on Instagram and got millions of views & usually return like always. On Instagram, You got a new feature of Story Highlights. You can use close Friends feature on Instagram.

1. Live Instagram video :

You can go live on Instagram and connect with all your friends you can go live say everything, for example, you are going to some beautiful place like Taj Mahal.

 You can go live on Instagram and share your experience with your friends or it is a great opportunity for those who can't see Taj Mahal live you can show him the Taj Mahal live with all of Instagram.
 Going live is a great feature.

 A person who is a celebrity Instagram live option can greatly help that person because they can directly interact with their fans. 

Because the life of a celebrity is too busy if there is a social networking site who has to go live option it can help greatly for those people to interact and take some time with their fans.

When you are going live to Instagram you can share the video and tag the video also with your friends.

2. Females users :

Friend do you know the female can use more Instagram than male 65% of female are using Instagram it is a fact.

3. Business profile:

 Friends do you know more than 8 million profiles on Instagram are business profile because people can use a social networking site to evaluate their business.

 Friends if you want to more followers in the Instagram you can use # tag with your account.
It can make your account famous.

Using official before your name it can also help you to follow by more followers.

4. Facebook login :

. Friends do you know you can log in your Instagram with the help of Facebook it is all off because Facebook can sell Instagram with 1 million in 2012.

 If you are a new user on Instagram you have two options sign in with Facebook or create the Instagram account. 

Friends you can sign on Instagram with your Facebook account.

5. Like a sign on Instagram :

Friends do you know Instagram is the only social networking site where you can like the post with the sign of heart not the sign of thumb.

 Instagram also had story button where you can add images videos to add your story where your friends can watch your story and you can see how many people can watch your story it is great fun in the Instagram.

 If you have a business related file in the Instagram you can promote your post.

 Instagram gives you the suggestion of the people where you want to follow. 

You can highlight your own stories of your post in the Instagram it is the great feature.
 Instagram was launched in 2010.

 In Instagram search option you can see the various videos and photos that are going viral on Instagram today.

The best part of Instagram is that you cannot avoid yourself from using Instagram.

 For using Instagram you can spend 20 minutes or half an hour in the Instagram it is one of the best social networking sites.

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