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Guinness World Records

Who is the owner of Guinness World Records?

Guinness World Records is one of the most popular-selling books of all time. Many people try to do something great that has never-ever happened in this world to get their name on the Guinness world record book. Many people's technique is excellent, and many people do something unique to get the name in the Guinness world record book.

  God makes every person different, and they have their own talent to make the world record. This talent's information is provided by every year published book Guinness World Records. In this book, only those person names are added, which are unique all over the world.

Do you know: Guinness World Records copyright book series 100 million copies are sold which is the world record. These books published in 37 different languages. Guinness world record is not the new word for all of us but few people know the history of Guinness World Records. The planning to create a Guinness World Records book is started in May 1951.

The invention of Guinness World Records Book:

Who is the owner of Guinness World Records?

When Sir Hugh Beaver goes to a bird shooting party in Ireland. Where did he argue with the person on Europe's fastest game, Bird?  Cousin Golden Plover or Grouse. In the last nobody know the exact answer. On that day, Sir Hugh Beaver realizes that many topics in the world are difficult to prove. Sir Hugh Beaver think that why I made a book which can solve all the problem of those topics.

In 1954 Sir Hugh Beaver, Norris, Ross Mcwhrite started working on this book. Norris, Ross Mcwhrite is already the owner of the fact-finding agency in London. In August 1954, Guinness World Record's first book was ready to publish. The 1000 copies of this book were printed. In 1955 from Christmas, this book becomes the best-selling British book.

After that, this book is launch in the USA, and 70,000 copies of this book were sold. Due to this book, a big popularity company decided to update this book every year. After that, for many years, this book is trendy all over the world.

In 1995 the format of this book was changed when images are also added with text.
This book is exciting with images. The main focus of Guinness World Record books is on Human Achievements.

For example, eating most hot dogs in 10 minutes, playing the GTA game for the maximum time, the most giant nail in the world, the most tattoo person in the world, and many more million types of world records.

Banned Thing in Genius World Record Books:

Who is the owner of Guinness World Records?

Do you know: Every year the rules of this book is changed. For example in starting the people who drink more alcohol or beer was also take place in this book but due to people health point of view, this entry was not accepted.

Also, many records like sword swallowing and really driving in the public road is hard for people and these entries are banned in Guinness world record books. Some world categories are also removed because these categories are challenging to measure correctly.

Genius world record books are written on their website. They do not claim any beauty record because it is impossible to measure it correctly because in every country people have different opinions to see people's beauty. In this book, many TV shows are broadcast.

 In India, the Colors TV channel telecast the Guinness World Records India Todega program in 2011. In Germany, Japan, UK, the USA, China, Australia, Spain, France, countries TV shows casting Guinness World Records Books.

The company gives the Franchise for a made small museum in tourist places where the Guinness Book World Records collection is kept. If you have a talent that makes you unique from other people, then you can register on the Guinness World Records Book website.


Who is the publisher of Guinness World Records?

The publisher of Guinness World Records is Jim Pattison Group.  

Who are the authors of Guinness World Records?

Craig Glenday, Ross McWhirter are the authors of Guinness World Records.

Who is the owner of Guinness World Records?

 Sir Hugh Beaver is the owner of Guinness World Records, and  Norris, Ross McWhirter, is the co-founder of Guinness World Records.  

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