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How do I file a DMCA takedown notice?

How do I file a DMCA takedown notice?
We all know content is the king. Content plays the leading role in ranking an article. So, content is the first thing for bloggers. Many peoples stole blogger contents. They just not stealing your content, but they also stole your Google rankings.  With the help of your content, they rank number 1 on Google and get more traffic.

 The question occurs in your mind about how to know that someone is stealing our content. The answer is straightforward.

With the help of Small SEO Tool, Copyscape, Grammarly, Plagium, Google alerts, you can know about the blog or website. Which can steal your blog content or go to Google search console and paste your blog post one line on double quotes (""), and you can know about duplicate content.

What to do next?
File a DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint. DMCA is the USA copyright law, which is specially made to avoid stalling content from the internet.


1. Before complaining about the copywriter blog, you should send an email or talk with him in a mobile call and ask him to remove your content. If he doesn't do that, then file a complaint against him in DMCA, and it depends upon Google weather, he deletes copyright blog post or deletes all copyright blog.

2. If you stole someone's content and try to DMCA complaint against him, you are in big trouble because every DMCA complaint is the review by a Google expert. They know very well which content is original or duplicated, so don't try to do this. If you do this, you can harm your blog, not anyone else.

3. Before DMCA complaining, you should know about one thing which hosting platform is used to by the copyright blogger is it WordPress or Blogspot.

4. The question occurs in your mind on which website you know about the hosting details of any website? The answer is the simple go to whoishostingthis.com.

Do You Know: After filling a DMCA complaint to Google, you may up paying a massive fine as punishment. 

Don't be in shock. It is true if your DMCA complaint is not right. If someone can copy a small piece of your content, Google doesn't do care about it.

How to file a complaint in DMCA?

1. Go to https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905.

How do I file a DMCA take down notice?

3. Now another option came what we can help with you?

How do I file a DMCA take down notice?

4. Click on the last opportunity. I have a legal issue that is not mentioned here.
5. Next, you have click on I have found content that may volatile my copyright.
6. In the next question, you have asked can you the owner of the copyright blogger.
7. Click option Yes, I am the copyright owner of.........
8. Then you have two options image, video, or other clicks on other possibilities.

How do I file a DMCA take down notice?

9. Now click on this form option.
10. Now you see report alleged copyright infringement form fill this form correctly.
11. First, fill up the contact information. 
12. Now, the next option is to identify and describe the copyrighted work. 
13. Here, you can write two or three lines that this is your content, and you are the original author, and another blogger has a copy-paste my content, image, and post. 
14. Now, you see the option of seeing an authorized example of the work.
15. Here, you add the original post link.
16. Now, you see the option of the location of infringing material.
17. Here, you add the copy blog link.
18. Finally, you see the Sworn statement where you tick all the boxes. 

                                                      How do I file a DMCA take down notice?

Important Note: 

If you not fil the form correctly, Google does not take action on copyright websites, but Google should take legal action on your website and remove your blog from a search engine or either delete your blog.  

What happens when you receive a message from Google regarding DMCA complaints?

1. Google remove your copyright post or delete your blog.
2. Google gives plenty to your blog. 
3. If Google gives you plenty regarding DMCA, your blog CPC is low
4. Google doesn't rank your blog on the search engine in the top pages.
5. If you receive 3 DMCA emails from Google, then your blog is permanently deleted. 

In the end, I only suggest you don't try to copy any blogger content because he gave his best for writing his blog post, and it takes a lot of hard work+ smart work then he gets the result. Try to write your own content. Don't be a spoiler. Be remembered for good, not remember to steal other blogger content. 

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