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How Hollywood was established?

How Hollywood was established?
Hollywood is a world where nobody stops himself to attach with glamour. In this world, there is no name like Hollywood, which can convert our dream into reality. Many film industries are available globally, but Hollywood is the only industry that grows faster in 100 years

Due to Hollywood's popularity, people call him the center of the film industry. Every artist dream of making a career in Hollywood, but due to high competition, the only advanced talented person got a chance in Hollywood to make their career. We all know how interested and creative Hollywood movies are.

Do you know: Hollywood history is also very interesting like Hollywood movies. Hollywood is the basically populated city in California, Los Angeles. Hollywood is popular as the place where movies and television series are made. You are in shock when you know where the biggest film industry present. In 1853 only two hunts are available there.

History of Hollywood:

How Hollywood was established?

After two decades, this area is converted into green fields. People know this place as Cahuenga Velly. Where H.J Whitley, who is also known as the father of Hollywood, comes here for his honeymoon. H.J Whitley sees all this velly on the mountain.

 H.J Whitley is a real estate developer, and he already created 100 towns. When he sees this, Velly, an idea comes to make another city in this Cahuenga Velly. At that time, a Chinese man with a wood truck comes in front of him, and he says to the Chinese person what you are doing, and he says with his bad English Hollywood.

Actually, he is trying to say I Hauling Wood. H.J Whitley finalized the deal and decided to change this place's name to Hollywood. H.J Whitley buys 480 acres place in Cahuenga Velly. With Iyar Weid, who is a Businessman, H.J Whitley starts developing this Velly.

 In 1900 a vast market was ready in this place. People said that to promote Hollywood H.J, Whitley spends too much money. He creates Bank, Roads, and many other facilities that is the basic need of human.

The environment of this place is excellent, and this place is out of the city, so many rich people settle down in this place. After that 1910, leading motion picture companies sift their production setup from New Jersey to the nearest location in Los Angeles because this place is perfect for movie production.

 In 1910 director William C. McGann create the first motion movie in Hollywood history. The name of the film is In Old California.

Walk Of Fame: 

How Hollywood was established?

Do you know: By knowing Hollywood importance in US film industry they change the US film industry name into Hollywood. In 1923 Hollywoodland sign create in nearby mountains by the promotion of Hollywood.

The main attractions of Hollywood are the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and the Hollywood famous sign.

Hollywood walk of fame thoroughly area is 2 KM, which is a footpath. This is in the center of Vine Street- Hollywood Boulevard. In 1958 Walk of Fame is specially made for those people who gave their contributions to Hollywood movies. 

Millions of people come here to see this place. According to Hollywood, if we take an average of 600 Hollywood movies made in the year. Hollywood is the maximum earning film industry all over the world.  

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Who is the father of Hollywood?

H.S Whistley is the father of Hollywood who converts this small town into a world-famous place with his brilliant thinking.

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