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Ranu Mondal Biography.

Ranu Mandal Biography.

Social Media has the power which makes you a star in a night. The best example of this line is Ranu Mondal. She completes her journey to the railway station singer to become a Bollywood singer in one night. A few days ago, she sang in a railway station to earn some money. 

One day Altendra Chakravarti see Ranu Mondal talent and record a video of her singing and share it on social media. Nobody knows that the song share by Atindra in social media can change someone's life.  Slowly-Slowly Ranu Mondal song was viral in social media platforms, and it can be seen by many peoples and many celebrities.

Ranu Mondal Biography:

Ranu Mandal Biography.

Everybody share this song and appreciate this song many celebrities appreciate Renu Mondal talent. Himesh Reshammiya sees Renu Mondal talent and gave her a chance to sing a song with him in Bollywood upcoming movie Happy Hardy and Heer.

 Himesh Reshammiya uploads live recording videos on YouTube, and the videos are on trending. After that incident, everybody wanted to know about Renu Mondal.

The early life of Ranu Mondal:

Ranu Mandal Biography.

Ranu Mondal was born on 10 October 1959  in Nadia, Western Bengal. She married with Mumbai live person Babu Mondal. Unfortunately, Ranu Mondal's husband has died after a few years of marriage. After that, Ranu Mondal lives in Naida.

 When she came back to Naida, her family would not support her. For earning some money, she worked for a club at the age of 20 years.

Ranu Mondal said that at that time, people like her voice very much, and people call her Rani Bobby.  Due to family and societal pressure, she left this job. Now Ranu Mondal faces a big problem he even doesn't have enough money to buy a portion of food.

 For making herself alive, Renu Mondal starts singing on a railway platform. Recently Renu Mondal comes in the Superstar Singer reality show as a special guest then the host of the show asks Renu Mondal.

Why you singing at the railway station?

Ranu Mandal Biography.

 Ranu Mondal smiled and said that she has no source of income, no home to live, even not enough money to buy a portion of food, that's why I sing in the railway station.

When someone listens to my song in railway station, they give me a biscuit or money. At that time she on daughter left him because she is shy with her mother's work.

After many years Ranu Mondal sings a song in the railway station and lives her life. Someone said that if you have a talent, then one day, your talent is appreciated all over the world. The same thing happened with Ranu Mondal.

On 21 July 2019, Ranu Mondal singing a song shooted by Atindra, is viral on the social media platform. Renu Mondal is an online guide in a night due to social media platforms.

Ranu Mondal receives many offers from the film production house, Bengal local club, bands, and many other places. Ranu Mondal Bollywood debut song "Teri Meri Kahani" share on many platforms, and she is also invited in many reality shows.

 Ranu Mondal is popular day by day all over the world, and due to Renu Mondal's popularity, her daughter comes back and starts living with her. Ranu Mondal said that this is my second life. We all inspire from Ranu Mondal Story.

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