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What is the biography of Josh Brolin?

What is the biography of Josh Brolin?

Thanos is the most loved villain all over the world. Thanos's character proves that with your best acting skills you will be the king of millions of people's hearts. Josh Brolin is mainly famous with the name of Thanos. With his acting in the Avengers series, Josh Brolin proves that a villain has also become a hero with his brilliant acting. Josh Brolin plays many characters in Hollywood movies but the life-changing character of his life is Thanos and he becomes the most popular villain all over the world. Josh Brolin's way to Hollywood is not easy to face many problems to be there.

Do you know: Josh Brolin is a drug-addicted at an early age and he faces many problems in his life.

The early life of Josh Brolin:

What is the biography of Josh Brolin?

Josh Brolin was born on 12 February 1968 in Santa Monica, California. Josh Brolin's father's name is James Brolin he works as an American actor. Josh Brolin's mother's name is Jane Cameron Agee she worked as Wildlife Activist. Josh Brolin did his early study at Templeton High School and Santa Barbara High School.

Josh Brolin's father always wanted to keep stay away from him from Hollywood but for participating in drama in his high school Josh Brolin learn acting. From here he loves acting. When people appreciate his performance in drama then Josh Brolin decided to become an actor. When Josh Brolin was 16 years old his parents take a divorce.

For remembering this moment Josh Brolin said that this time he has broken in half and drunk. Soon Josh Brolin is drug-addicted and he has no money and forgetting drugs he starts stealing cars. The thing that is not to change at this time is his acting passion. For getting a career in acting Josh Brolin shifted with his father in Los Angeles.

Life-Changing movement in Josh Brolin Life:

What is the biography of Josh Brolin?

Josh Brolin learn acting from Stella Adler. In 1985 Josh Brolin got a chance in the movie The Goonies. Josh Brolin's first movie was a hit. Unfortunately, his second movie was very flop and people call him roast actor so Josh Brolin decided to take a long break from Hollywood. After that 1994 Josh Brolin comes with another movie The Road Killer it was a hit movie.

When Josh Brolin's 27 birthday occurs he is in shock in his birthday he lost his mother in an accident. In 1996 Josh Brolin work in "Flirting with Disaster" movie and it was also a hit movie. From 1996- 2013 Josh Brolin work in many blockbuster movies. In 2013 Josh Brolin work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Guardians of the Galaxy as a villain. This villain's character's name is Thanos and the rest has become history.

Josh Brolin play Thanos role in:

: Avengers- Age of Ultron.
: Avengers- Infinity war.
: Avengers- EndGame.

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