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when did pubg come out

Who is the Owner of PUBG:How did PUBG start?

Human Beings can invent many things to entertain themselves. Today the best entertainment source for every person is video games. If we talk about the first video game it comes in 1958 and the name of the video game is Pong. With time, there are many changes in games. 

In today's time, we can play many advanced games that we never think about our dream. In today's time, the most popular game that is on trending and every person's mobile is PUBG( Play Unknowns Battlegrounds). This game won many game lover hearts very few times and that is the only reason PUBG is on the top.

 When did pubg come out

How did PUBG start?

PUBG is developed by Brendan Greene and he is the lead director and designer of the PUBG game. Brendan is also known as a player unknown in the online stage. Brendan is not a game designer at the start of his career. Brendan Greene is born in Ireland and he is a photographer, graphic design, and web designer. For his work, Brendan Greene lived in France.

Brendan Greene likes to play the game very much at an early age. He likes to play Delta Force, Black  Hawk Down, and America's Army video games. One day Brendan Greene plays the DAYZ game and he is very inspired by this game. Then he decided to make his career in the gaming industry.

Now Brendan Greene start to learn to program. After that, he found many bugs in many games and make changes in those games. Brendan Greene wanted to make a game that the user doesn't mind and the user always plays this game. Due to his unique thought, SONY online entertainment select Brendan Greene as a consultant for H1Z1 game development.

Beginning of PUBG:

How did PUBG start?

When the game is complete Brendan Greene says goodbye to the company. Another person Chang Han Kim also thinks like Brendan Greene. Chang Han Kim has a game development company in South Korea and the name of the company is Ginno Games. In 2015 the company name changed to Blue Hole. At that time Chang Hang Kim also think about developing a battle royale game.

Do you know PUBG is the best multiplayer game of the year. PUBG is the best PC game of the year. PUBG is the best action game of the year. PUBG is the eSports game of the year. PUBG is the best trending game of the year and won many other awards.

When he started the search for a developer for this game he knows about Brendan Greene in his research. Then he calls Brendan Greene and invites him to South Korea and shares his idea. After meeting they both decided to work on the PUBG game. At starting the work to complete this game is decided in a 1-year deadline laid out.

Launching of PUBG:

How did PUBG start?

In starting 35 developers were engaged to complete this game. As the need grew the developer's number increased to 70. In March 2017 PUBG early access beta program is launched which is liked by many gamers. After some improvements, the PUBG officially launches on 20 December 2017.

In February 2018 PUBG is launched for Android and IOS. Now people play PUBG on their mobile phones. After some time of launching PUBG has become the most popular game all over the world. PUBG is one of the best-selling games of all time. Many new features are added in PUBG day by day and now the lite version of PUBG is also available in the play store and app store.

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