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Tilak Mehta Wikipedia, Biography

What is the biography of Tilak Mehta?

At the age of 13 years, we just think about our studies and playing any kind of sports games, but there is a kid who is thinking higher than that the name of the kid is Tilak Mehta.

 He is the youngest entrepreneur in India. Maximum children of Tilak Mehta's age are busy playing games, and on the other side, Tilak Mehta startup a successful business and proves that age is just a number.

 No matter how old you are, if you want to do something big, then age does not matter. Tilak Mehta started his business in 2017. When he studied in the school like a normal kid in the 8th class. Tilak Mehta studied at Garodia International School.

The idea behind Papers N Parcels:

What is the biography of Tilak Mehta?

One day Tilak Mehta goes to their uncle's house to get the math book that he forgot from his uncle.  He tells his father to get this book from his uncle, but his father is very busy, so he ignored him. Now Tilak Mehta thinks about couriers, but the courier company charges 300 rupees for same-day delivery, and the amount is equal to that book price.

 Someone said that the reason behind a big idea is a problem. Tilak Mehta thinks that many people are facing that problem in Mumbai. Where the courier company takes too much time for delivery, but if you want to same-day delivery, they charge too much.

Tilak Mehta thinks about a startup where people get parcel delivery very fast at a low price. For planning this business, the first idea that comes to Tilak Mehta's mind is Mumbai Dabbawalas. They are called the lifeline of Mumbai. Everything is late, but Dabbawalas always comes in time, and their network is all over Mumbai.

Starting of Papers N Parcels:

What is the biography of Tilak Mehta?

For seeing Mumbai Dabbawalas, Tilak Mehta got the idea that he uses this network in food as well as delivers other things. To complete this project, Tilak Mehta starts spending his time with the Mumbai box person(dibbed wale). To see the dedication of Tilak Mehta, his father, Vishal Mehta, fully supported him.

After getting knowledge about everything for this project, Tilak Mehta developed Papers N Parcel's application and started his business. To complete this application, Tilak Mehta works day and night and completes this application in 8 months. When the application comes into the market, it makes a splash.

The success of Papers N Parcels:

What is the biography of Tilak Mehta?

Before Papers N Parcels, people got paid up to 300 rupees for same-day delivery parcels, but after the launching of Papers N Parcels, people only pay 40 rupees for the same-day delivery parcel.

 The facility of Papers N Parcels AAP is that you can send and deliver same-day delivery of 3kg products anywhere in Mumbai.

Papers N Parcels started in July 2018, and the company can successfully deliver more than 1,30000 parcels, which is increasing day by day. The 13 years child gives the job to many people in Mumbai. Tilak Mehta said that he is ready to start this service all over India. Tilak Mehta is an inspiration for millions of people all over the world.

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