How did ISRO start?

How did ISRO start?
ISRO science agency makes every Indian proud many times. Our Indian scientist accomplishes many impossible missions which never thought that can accomplish by ISRO. Accomplish space missions in a low budget is only done by Indian scientists all over the world. The mission that can complete by ISRO other country never does it. ISRO is established by India great scientist Vikram Sarabhai on 15 August 1969. You will be in shock when you know that ISRO's first rocket is brought into bicycle and ISRO has no launching pad then the coconut tree is used as a launching pad. ISRO second rocket brought into bullock cart.

Why ISRO is powerful and respectful in all over the world.

How did ISRO start?

ISRO starting is a dream that comes into reality. Nobody thought that ISRO becomes one of the most powerful and successful space agencies all over the world. ISRO is in the list of six countries that have availability to create their own satellite and launch it. The five other countries are America, Russia, China, France, Japan. ISRO has the most single scientist in the world.

Do you know: Vikram Sarabhai is known as the father of India's space program. ISRO's first rocket is brought into the bicycle. India is the only country in the world that has accomplish Mission Mangal in his first attempt. The price of a Mission Mangal is lesser than the budget of a Hollywood movie.

In February 2017 with the help of PSLV C37 ISRO launch a 104 satellite which is a world record. ISRO's current mission Chandrayaan 2 is on trending every world is focus on Chandrayaan 2 especially NASA. It is the second time for ISRO when India goes to the moon. In 2008 India's first Chandrayaan mission is successful. Due to Chandrayaan 1, all world know that the moon has water.

Chandrayaan 2:

How did ISRO start?

Now again with our scientist, hard work India going to the moon once again and this time orbit, Vikram Lander and Rover will go on the moon. The name of the mission Chandrayaan 2. With Chandrayaan 2 India is the first country in the world to send Chandrayaan 2 in the south direction of the moon where no country in the world has ever visit. India is the first country in the world that visits the South direction of the moon.

The price of Chandrayaan 2 is very low as compared to other countries. The price of Chandrayaan 2 is 978 crore rupees which are less than the budget of Avenger Endgame movie. The launching date of Chandrayaan 2 is 22 July 2019.

Orbiter, Vikram Lander, Rover:

How did ISRO start?

 ISRO complete Chandrayaan 2 but at the landing time of Chandrayaan 2, we lost the connection with VikramLander from 2.1 KM before landing on the moon. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone but we don't lose hope. In science, there is no failure only to try to do an experiment and get the result. We all are proud of ISRO. Good news ISRO found the location of VikramLander on the Lunar surface and Orbiter has clicked the image of the Lander. But there is no communication yet. ISRO will be trying to have contact. It will be communicated soon. (:

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