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How did WhatsApp start?

We do everything that we think and we think that we never think. These two lines fully fit on Brian Acton& Jan Koum. Everybody has an Android smartphone and on your Android phone, no matter which application you install but the permanent application in your Android phone is WhatsApp. This app is mainly used for chatting, voice calling, and video calling. Few people know about WhatsApp's history and WhatsApp's success. You can also download more advanced level Whatsapp in SoftGoza.

How did WhatsApp start?

How did WhatsApp start?

Brian Acton& Jan Koum are two friends who starting WhatsApp. Both friends first working on Yahoo company. Both plan their own company and left the big company. 

At starting time Brian Acton& Jan Koum did not succeed and they think to do a job. In 2009 Brian Acton goes to a Facebook company for the job. Brian Acton dreams to be a job in the Facebook company.

Unfortunately, Brian Acton is rejected by the Facebook company and he is very disappointed but he never gives up. Now he applies for a job on Twitter but unfortunately, he rejected it again. In today's world if anybody is rejected twice he is in doubt about his ability and sits back in the home but Brian Acton never does this.

He stands up and tries again in a new way. Brian Acton thinks that he never work for any other company and make his own product. He works hard with his friend Jan Koum day and night. With their elevated courage, they create WhatsApp. With WhatsApp whole world is connected.

Life-Changing movement for Brian Acton& Jan Koum:

How did WhatsApp start?

WhatsApp was created in 2009 and after 7 years the growth of WhatsApp is better than Facebook. The best part of WhatsApp is that it login with mobile numbers. After seeing WhatsApp's success many people start investing in WhatsApp. After that WhatsApp never look back. More than one-plus billion people using the What's app.

The Facebook company that rejected Brian Acton they buy Brian Acton WhatsApp for $19 Billion which was the biggest deal in the world. Brian Acton is a shareholder of the Facebook company where someday he going for getting a job and be rejected. This is called confidence and Sucess.

Best Lines: Your success is depending on your think. You lose your life with one failure or the failure that makes you sad get convert them into your strength and start trying to be successful with new confidence. Recognize your inner potential and get up with new energy you will be successful (:


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