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How did OnePlus start?

How did OnePlus start?
A few times ago, in the premium smartphone market iPhone is the king that is the only reason Apple charges the amount from a user they wanted. iPhone quality is excellent, but the price is too high.

This is the reason if an average person thinks to buy an iPhone, he legs back because the price is too high. Now another premium smartphone brand is coming into the market, which is the competitor of Apple. Yes, we are talking about OnePlus.

OnePlus is the number one premium smartphone in India. OnePlus is the first choice of every people when users think about buying a premium smartphone, especially in India. The exciting thing about OnePlus is the owner of OnePlus, started his career in OPPO electronics as a hardware engineer.

Story of OnePlus:

How did OnePlus start?
OnePlus was started in December 2013. OnePlus was founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei. Both work on Oppo electronics, where Pete Lau started his career as a hardware engineer. After 3 years, Oppo realizes Pete Lau's talent, and he gets the promotion.

Pete Lau becomes BLU-RAY division director and sees his brilliant work in this field. Pete Lau becomes head of marketing. In the end, he becomes the vice president of Oppo.

At the start of OnePlus, only 6 employees work in it. Pete Lau doesn't have his own manufacturing unit; that's why the first OnePlus smartphone is made by Oppo. When Pete Lau worked for Oppo in the meeting, he hears from many employees to build a premium android smartphone at a low price, but everybody used an iPhone.

A life-changing moment for Pete Lau:

How did OnePlus start?

From here, Pete Lau thinks about developing a premium smartphone with an Android operating system at a low price, and the quality of this premium smartphone is like an iPhone.

 OnePlus first smartphone, the OnePlus 1, is launched on 23 April 2014, and people liked this smartphone very much. Pete Lau thinks that the premium smartphone is not successful in India the why OnePlus 1 does launch in India in December 2014, but the success of the One Plus 1 in India can change Pete Lau's mind.

From 2015 to now, One Plus 2, One Plus X, One Plus 3, One Plus 5, One Plus 6, One Plus 7, One Plus 7 Pro, One Plus 7T, and many more launched in the market.

OnePlus smartphones are sold in more than 34 countries. OnePlus is starting with 6 employees, and now more than thousands of employees work in this company. Now the time is to start where OnePlus is compared with the iPhone. 

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