What is the biography of Heath Ledger?

What is the biography of Heath Ledger?
People always like actors in the movies but when people like villains more than actor then understand that villain doing high-level acting. Yes, we are talking about the best villain of all time Heath Ledger. He was an Australia actor and director. With his brilliant acting, he comes to the United States where he did great work which make him famous all over the world.  Within a few years of career, he will be counting on the legendary actors.

Early life of Heath Ledger:

What is the biography of Heath Ledger?

Heath Ledger was born on 4 April 1979 in Perth, Australia. Heath Ledger's mother's name was Sally Ledger Bell and she is a French teacher. Heath Ledger's father's name was Kim Ledger and he is a car racer and mining engineer. Heath Ledger doing is an early study from Maris Mount primary school. Then he send to Gerald ford grammar school where he start learning acting.

At the age of 10 years, Heath Ledger plays the role of Peter Pan. This is the first time when he doing something related to acting. Heath Ledger is a very good chess player he won the Australia Unior Chess championship. When Heath Ledger was 11 years old his parents take a divorce.

This is the big shock for Heath Ledger at the age of 11 years. In 1992 he work in clowning around and in 1993 he work in ship to shore tv shows. At the age of 17 years for making his career in the acting field, Heath Ledger left his study. Luckily he works in the 1996 TV series Sweet. Heath Ledger was famous for the Home and Away tv series.

Life-Changing Moment for Heath Ledger:

What is the biography of Heath Ledger?

To take a career up to Hollywood Heath Ledger reject many TV serials. Such a time has come when he had only $150 left. Heath Ledger's attempt is successful and he gets work in Things I hate about your movie(1999). After that, he works in The Patriot (2000), A Knight's Tale(2001), Lords of Dog Town(2005) but the last movie of his career has become blockbuster.

The name of the movie is The Dark Knight (2008). Heath Ledger plays Joker's role in this movie. For this movie Heath Ledger doing a lot of hard work. Heath Ledger doing his own makeup and for learn Joker character deeply Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel room for 45 days. He also tells to The Dark Knight movie actor to hit him in real in the movie scene.so that seen looks real.

Death of Heath Ledger:

What is the biography of Heath Ledger?

After the releasing of this movie, Heath Ledger's hard work pay off. Many people become a fan of Heath Ledger after the releasing of this movie. The saddest thing is that before the releasing date of the movie on 22 January 2008 Heath Ledger was rest in peace. The reason for his death is an overdose of drugs.

Heath Ledger is the first actor who awarded the golden globe award for playing a role in comics. Heath Ledger is not with us but the joker character made him alive forever in the heart of billions of people. Heath Ledger is the first actor who won Oscar for playing a negative role in a movie. Every day Heath Ledger fan following is increasing.

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