How much money spend on every election in India?

The election is the most important thing to run the country. Election plays the main role to choose the party which represents the country. When we talk about the election the first thing is in our mind is India. India is the biggest parliament country in the world. In every election, there is a lot of money spent by the parties. The most money spends in the election time is in India. Money spends in the election in different ways the maximum amount of money spent in the election time in social media platforms like Twitter, Google AdSense ads, Instagram, Facebook, and other trending social networking apps.

Social media is the number one platform to promote any party because everybody has mobile phones and the maximum youth of India using the internet and active in social media platforms. The second most money spends in election time on the news channel. News channel tells us every breaking news and what is going on the world. News Channel is watched by every senior citizen of India Country. The third most money spends in the rally at election time. The party doing many rallies at the election time at different states of the country and a lot of money spent at the time of the rallies.

Money spend on every election in India:

1. In (1951-1952) 10.45 crore rupees.
2. In (1957) 5.9 crore rupees.
3. In (1962) 7.32 crore rupees.
4. In (1967) 10.8 crore rupees.
5. In (1977) 23.4 crore rupees.
6. In (1980) 54.77 crore rupees.
7. In (1984) 81.51 crore rupees.
8. In (1989) 154.22 crore rupees.
9. In (1991) 359.1 crore rupees.
10. In (1996) 597.34 crore rupees.
11. In (1998) 666.22 crore rupees.
12. In (1999) 947.68 crore rupees.
13. In (2004) 1016.09 crore rupees.
14. In (2009) 10000 crore rupees.
15. In (2014) 34000 crore rupees.

The lowest money spends in the election in 1957 only 5.9 crore rupees spend in the election in India. In every new election, the amount of money spend in the election is increase. According to the election commission of India, the voting percentage increases in every election. In Lok Sabha election the amount spent by the party in any queries is increased from 40 lakh to 70 lakh by Lok Sabha. India 897 million voters make 2019 election largest in the history of the world. India Lok Sabha election 2019 is the world largest democracy votes.

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