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Top 20 most employment-unemployment country in the world.


Employment is the most common thing in every country. Everybody wants to become a government employee. Most people dream of going to defense.

Many countries face the problem of unemployment.  Cambodia is the most employment country in the world. The most unemployed country in the world is Zimbabwe.

Now let's talk about the fastest developing country in the world, India. The population of India increasing day by day. India is the second-largest populated country in the world.

Due to the increase in population, unemployment in India is increasing day by day. According to the report of the statics ministry from 2017-2018, India has most unemployment rates rose to 6.1%. It was the highest level in at least 45 years.

If the Indian government does not take legal action on the increasing population of India, then the unemployment will increase day by day. We should stop blaming the government because what government can do if there is too much population to give the job to every young youth.

The unemployment problem starts from our home in our area first. The owner of Patanjali Baba Ramdev also talked about the population of India and said that the government of India takes legal action on it and create a rule that every married person only allowed 2 children.

20 most unemployment country in the world:

1. Zimbabwe 95%.
2. Burkina Faso 77%.
3. Syria 50%.
4. Senegal 48%.
5. Haiti 40.6%.
6. Kenya 40%.
7. Congo, Republic of the 36%.
8. Afghanistan 35%.
9. Kosovo 34.8%.
10. Libya 30%.
11. Lesotho 28.1%.
12. Switzerland 28%.
13. South Africa 27.6%.
14. Yemen 27%.
15. Venezuela 26.4%.
16. North Korea 25.6%.
17. Macedonia 23.4%.
18. Mozambique 22.4%.
19. Greece 22.3%.
20. Bosnia and Herzegovina 20.5%.

20 most employment country in the world:

1. Cambodia 0.3%.
2. Qatar, 0.6%.
3. Thailand 0.7%.
4. Benin 1.0%.
5. Laos 1.5%.
6. Madagascar 2.1%.
7. Singapore 2.2%.
8. Vietnam 2.3%.
9. Guatemala 2.4%.
10. Papua New Guinea 2.5%.
11. Hong Kong, 2.6%.
12. Rwanda 2.7%.
13. Liberia 2.8%.
14. Japan 2.9%.
15. Switzerland 3.0%.
16. Nepal 3.3%.
17. Malaysia 3.4%.
18. Mexico 3.6%.
19. South Korean, 3.8%.
20. Germany 3.9%.

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