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Mark Cuban Net Worth in rupees


mark cuban net worth

 Mark Cuban is an American Entrepreneur, Investor, television personality, and investor. Mark Cuban net worth is $4.6 Billion. He is a multi-billionaire. He acquires many millionaire properties such as Magnolia Pictures, Dallas Mavericks, and Landmark theaters. He is the chairman of HDNet and HDTV cable networks. He is a great charity man. He doing much charity. Recently he donates $1M to Dallas PD to protect the LGBT community.

Did you know💡 Mark Cuban set a world record in 1999 by spending $40 million online. 

 He owns $1 billion stocks of Amazon. Amazon stocks are his biggest investment in the share market. The second-highest stock he holds is Netflix. Mark Cuban holds The Guinness Book of records for the largest single e-commerce transition of $40 million. 

Early Life and Personal Life

Mark Cuban Net Worth

 He was born on 31 July 1958. Mark Cuban age is 62 years.  The place of his birth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the age of 12 years, he sold garbage bags for earning any money. With this money, he buys an expansive pair of basketball shoes. After that, he starts selling stums and coins. This is the way he collects his pocket money. In 1981 he has done his graduation with B.S in Management from  IU's Kelley School of Business. 

He started his carrier as a salesman person. After 1 year he was fired.  He founded his own company Microslolution. He gets work from his previous customers. His company MicroSolutions was a software reseller and System Integrator. His maximum client was Perot Systems. In 1998 the company name change to Broadcast.com. At that time the company works with one server and an ISDN line. Within one year, the company's growth is huge.   

In 1999 the company has 330 employees and $13.5 million in revenue. In 1999 the company launched its first live-streamed Victoria's Secret fashion show.  In the same year, Broadcast.com was acquired by Yahoo for $5.7 Billion. 

In September 2002 Mark Cuban married the love of his life, Tiffany Stewart. Together they have 3 children. Two daughters were firstborn in 2003 and the other was born in 2006. Their son was born in 2006. 

Mark Cuban Real Estate

Currently, Mark lives with his family in a 24,000 square foot mansion in Dallas. He buys a beachfront California mansion worth $19 million. The property builds in 7,867square feet. The home has six bedrooms, a pool, and three-quarters of the bathrooms. The best part of this home is when you open the windows you have to see the clear views of the beach and ocean. Mark Cuban bought this property in December 2018. 

Mark Cuban Net Worth History

  • In 1990 Mark Cuban net worth was $2,000,000.
  • In 1998 Mark Cuban net worth was $2,289,145.
  • In 1999 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $1,702,316,845.
  • In 2000 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $1,789,456,456.
  • In 2001 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $1,985,458,126.
  • In 2002 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $1,998,789,589.
  • In 2005 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $2,156,456,978.
  • In 2006 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $2,109,156,789.
  • In 2007 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $2,191,700,199.
  • In 2008 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $2,289,715,456.
  • In 2016 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $3,300,894,456.
  • In 2020 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $4,358,789,489.
  • In 2021 Mark Cuban Net Worth was $4,569,784,456

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Mark Cuban Net Worth

Birth: 31 July 1958
Height: 6ft 2 in(1.9m)
Gender: Male
Profession: Entrepreneur, Film producer, Actor, Investor, Television Producer 
Nationality: United States of America. 

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