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How to increase website traffic for free in 2021?


how to increase website traffic

Target more traffic by reducing your acquisition costs, Take advantage of 7 new tools developed by Google to capture more leads by positioning your site in the best results. 91% of people use Google every day, whether to search for information or to buy essay papers online. Take action; make your presence on the world’s largest search engine profitable!

Optimize your site and your presence on the results pages

Position yourself in the top 3 Google by optimizing the speed of your site. The average loading time of a page in the first place is less than 2 seconds (moderator’s blog). Take control of the new Google “Test my Site” tool to test the time of your site. Google immediately tells you how Google map optimization improves the customer experience of your media and improves your positioning.

Earn visibility via Rich Answers. 50% of visits to a site come from natural traffic (Net Referencing). View your content before your competitors in Google search results with the Rich Answers format.

They allow displaying from the page of the Google results information retrieved on your site that responds to the request of the user. To the question “how to optimize your blogging strategy?” Google displays the list of key elements from your site at the top of the results list. It responds simply and clearly to questions from users. Produce qualitative content with keywords from the long tail. You are ahead of your competitors!

Take advantage of the “rich cards” to take the 1st place of Google on mobile

A billion queries are made every day on Google (Webrankinfo). Take advantage of these potential prospects by displaying your site via enriched maps. These “rich cards” correspond to rich snippets of your site: the image is much larger, and Google puts them forward in its results via a carousel that the user scrolls on his mobile.

Engage people and improve their mobile experience by optimizing your content for rich cards. These formats are not yet available for all but take a step ahead by putting them in place now for increased visibility during their mobile deployment that will soon. Fill out the required fields

Bet on YouTube to engage your community

Engage web users with the optimization of your video referencing. YouTube - the 3rd most visited website in the world after Google and Facebook.

Integrate them into your marketing strategy and optimize their SEO. Position yourself on relevant keywords of the long tail, fill in all the fields of your video (title, description, tags, the name of the video …), add optimized subtitles (transcription of your video), embed clickable annotations to link your videos.

Finally, create your playlists by including keywords and videos related to your core business.

Engage your audience by testing True View for shopping, referencing your products in YouTube videos. Boost traffic on your e-commerce site by displaying your products in videos related to your field of activity.

When a user clicks on your product in the video, they are redirected to your site. Like Google Shopping, simply integrate your product feed with Google Merchant Center. Your beauty products can, for example, appear in tutorials of bloggers.

Think about your local SEO

Save space on Google by improving your local SEO. 25% of searches on Google are local queries (Anthedesign). Test the display of your site in the local results: they appear regularly in the first positions. Work your list of keywords by adding to each the name of the nearest city, the best known (sale mattress + Marseille).

Fill out your business listing on Google My Business and Google Maps. Include specific information such as location, phone contact, list of products sold, etc.

Post locally with the new Google Maps ad format. Expand your local visibility by testing the Google Maps sponsored or promoted pins. When a user browses the map and is near your address, a colored pin appears. Add special offers to this ad to maximize the impact of your ad and get prospects to your website or store.

Final Outcomes

The optimization of your product sheets will complete all the improvements concerning your SEO. Make the referencing of your product variations, detail all the fields of the product sheets with the requests made by the Internet users, and rework the URLs. Make your SEO a real offensive strategy to attract more traffic and grow your revenue!

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