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MATIC Price Prediction: Is Polygon Set for New Highs?

matic price

Have you heard about MATIC, well, now, it is Polygon? If not, it is time to check it because the project looks pretty promising, and the price of the coin has grown significantly recently. 

So, Binance Matic is a framework. It is created to increase the interoperability between Ethereum and blockchains compatible with it. 

MATIC is the native token of the Polygon network. Its price has surged recently and continues to grow even if other cryptos are decreasing in value. 

It looks like MATIC might be worth your attention, indeed. 

MATIC Price 2021

In 2021, the cryptocurrency price has fluctuated significantly. Since the end of April 2021, the token value used to surge for more than 700% within 3-4 hours, then, it used to drop to the same level again. The price fluctuations in the range of 0.3 to 2 USD and more were rather common.

The situation changed in August when the platform announced the launch of their Decentralized Anonymous Organization (DAO for short). With it, the network aims to form committees to promote discussions between different Ethereum-supported projects. Its aim is also to make Defi available and usable to millions of common people.

So, for now, the token has broken the level of 1 USD and is moving up with an average trading price of 1.63 USD per one MATIC token. It is the 17th coin in the crypto-rankings and its value and importance continue to grow.

What Is MATIC and Why Its Price Is Growing?

MATIC is a modular framework. It contributes to the creation of different applications. It uses Plasma chains to move translation off-chain. It makes transactions very fast and cheap. The network also enables an easier, cheaper, and faster launch of decentralized apps. 

The modular structure of the network also allows the building of independent blockchains. These blockchains’ functionalities are highly customizable. 

Now, you can buy MATIC on almost any online coin exchange. The platform uses a security-as-a-service consensus protocol and WASM execution environment. It allows building enterprise-ready networks. 

Polygon’s Future

During just a couple of months, we have observed a huge growth of the coin value. At the start of 2021, one coin was traded for 0.01 USD, and in August 2021, the coin value surged by more than 16,000% to 1.63 USD. By the end of September, the coin price dropped to 1,17 USD, but we can consider it a temporary drop that follows the general situation in the market. So, we can see how with the increasing adoption of blockchain, emerging technologies such as Polygon, Polkadot, and similar appear and develop. Their importance is growing significantly with every passing month. 

What can we expect in the future for Polygon? The platform addresses the modern world, the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and creates different solutions to solve existing problems and make this new world accessible to the majority of people. We are sure the MATIC price is going to grow, even though plunges are expected, too, like in the case with any cryptocurrency.

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