11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

11 Interesting Facts about Technology

Bonus fact about YouTube.

Do you know: On YouTube, many people watching videos but few people are liking, commenting, share and subscribe to the video.

1. #WWW(World Wide Web). How did WWW start?

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: In 1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee,  invented the World Wide Web(WWW) while working at CERN. It implement in C, it was the first-ever Web Server Software.

2. What is the name of the first web server?

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

 Ans: The next workstation mainly known as (a NeXT cube) is the first web server used for the World Wide Web.

3. Bots traffic on Internet?

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: Do you know Bots traffic is more than humans on the internet. Yes, it is true. 51% of traffic on the internet is bots traffic. Bots mainly work on the internet to steal the data, hijack any person's account. In fact for detox attack bots is responsible.

4. Do you know what is the name of IBM's first supercomputer?

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: RMac 305 is the first supercomputer of IBM's. The interesting thing about this computer is that it has a 5-megabyte hard drive. The weight of this hard drive is more than 1 Ton.

5. Do you know how much time you blink when you use the computer?

Ans: On average, a normal human being can blink 7 times in a minute. It is because we totally focus on mobile and we don't want to miss any update.

6. Google's research on Rubik's  Cube.

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: In 2010 Google's researchers used the supercomputer and also use the intelligent algorithms and found that you can solve Rubik's cube in 20 moves no matter how you can arrange Rubik's cube. Do you the total possibility of Rubik's is 43,252,003,274,489,856,000.

7. #Technophobia and Nomophobia.

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: People afraid of many things water, height, and many more things but do you know people also afraid of technology and the name of this disease is Technophobia. Some people afraid of getaway their smartphones or they don't use that smartphone, in that case, the name of that disease is Nomophobia.

8. # Do you know where robot word come from?

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: The robot word originally coming from check language word robota and the meaning of the robota is you force to do that work and that's why we made the robot.

9. Do you know how much time your life you can spend watching TV?

Ans: On average people who watching tv spend their life 10 years watching tv. If we talking about today people don't watch much tv. In the future, the fact should change it will be replaced by smartphones.

10. Do you know how much time taken to take a selfie on the first camera in the world?

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: If you want to click your photo on the world's first camera you can sit 8hours in the same position for taking a 1 photo and the image is very bad you can see this in the picture. In simple words, someone says you statue for 8 Hours to click a photo.

11. Do you know the first iPhone launch trick.

11 Interesting Facts about Technology.

Ans: iPhone is very popular in all over the world. In 2007 iPhone is launched the first time and at that time the actual iPhone is not ready. It was incomplete if you send an email and then listen to music then iPhone works well but if you can change anything iPhone is crash. For finding the solution of that problem apple launching team gives a proper setup of every demo and the name of that demo is the golden path.

Steve Jobs continuously doing a 6-day rehearsal before that event. Steve Jobs change iPhone in every demo that everything works properly and iPhone doesn't crash and the plan works. The event is successful.

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