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how many states in india

Top 7 unknown facts about India?

India is one of the most powerful and remarkable countries in the world. The greatness of the soil of our country is different; instead, it is given the status of the mother. 

Our motherland is India, which is the most significant achievement of every Indian.

Top 7 unknown facts about India:

1. For any festival, many people come to the same place all over the world, but the record of the maximum number of people coming to the same place to celebrate a celebration is in India at the time of Kumbh Mela. It is a world record. At Kumbh Mela, people come from all over the world because it is a religious place. In the latest Kumbh Mela, more than 13 crore people come across the globe.

2. India is seen as a developing country because the population of poor people is huge, but you're in shock when you know that the maximum demand for Gold is in India. The consumption of Gold is  838 Tons, which is more than any country in the world.

3. Plastic Surgery is famous all over the world, and for rich people, it is a normal thing, but you will be in shock when you know that plastic Surgery is discovered in India. Modern Plastic SurgerySurgery is derived from the Indian culture book Sushruta Samhita. In this book, the re-concentration of the nose, lips, and face are already told through Ayurveda.

4. Diamonds is first found in India. For many years India is the only country where the diamond was found. In 18 century, diamonds were discovered in the Krishna and Godavari river located in India. After that, for much research, diamonds are found in many countries.

5. In India, the education system is shallow, but the exciting thing is the systematic education system is starting in India. Takshila and Narmada was the first university in India.

The starting of the hostel also started in India, where it is famous in India as the name Gurukul.

The education system that is started in India is adopted throughout the world.

6. The shampoo is used in every house all over the world. Do you know the shampoo name is taken from the word Champo that is used in India? In 1762 Bangal Navab applied oil to the head used to massage, and it is called Champo. In the future, the Champo word is used as a shampoo.

7.  If someone writes in this world, then it is because of India because the ink was discovered in India. For writing anything, black ink is used in India, which is called Mausi. It is made from coal and bone, where carbon is present in high quantities. This invention is changed into modern ink in the future.  

How many states in India

1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Assam
4. Bihar
5. Chhattisgarh
6. Goa
7. Gujarat
8. Haryana
9. Himachal Pradesh
10. Jharkhand
11. Karnataka
12. Kerala
13. Madhya Pradesh
14. Maharashtra
15. Manipur
16. Meghalaya
17. Mizoram
18. Nagaland
19. Odisha
20. Punjab
21. Rajasthan
22. Sikkim
23. Tamil Nadu
24. Telangana
25. Tripura
26. Uttar Pradesh
27. Uttarakhand
28. West Bengal

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