What is the biography of Gautama Buddha?

What is the biography of Gautama Buddha?

In this world at different times, many great people born and one of the greatest people of all those people is God Gautam Buddha who renounced all kinds of pleasures for helping people. With great thoughts, God Gautam Buddha change this world thought. Truth and non-violence are the mainstay of Gautama Buddha's life and inspired others to walk this path. God Gautam Buddha was born in the Royal family. Every wish of God Gautam Buddha was done there is no shortage of anything in God Gautam Buddha's life.

Early life of God Gautama Buddha:

What is the biography of Gautama Buddha?

For the attainment of divine knowledge, God Gautama Buddha abandoned the pleasures of all the worlds and raising all his great thoughts attained the status of God. The God Gautam buddha was born on 563 is a perv in Lumbini Nepal. The early age name of God Gautam buddha is Siddhartha Gautama. The great one father's name was King Suddhodana and his mother's name was Queen Mahamaya. Unfortunately, when Siddhartha Gautama was born after 7 days his mother has died.

After Siddhanta Gautama's mother's death, his aunt Maha Prajapati Gautama raised him. Siddhartha's father wanted that Siddhartha becomes a great king that why he kept away Siddhartha from religious knowledge but Siddhartha was a very kind person and he never wanted to hurt someone. When Siddhartha's cousin brother Devdutt tries to kill the Hans then Siddhartha saves him and if you are Indian you will be read this story in your school.

Turning point of Siddhartha Gautama life:

What is the biography of Gautama Buddha?

These are the things that make siddhant different from other people. When Siddhartha was 16 years old he married Princess Yashodhara. At that time Siddhartha started to find the answer to the religious questions. Out of his youth when Siddhartha went among people he knows about diseases, old, world sorrow and know many more other things that he could not know.

After that, siddhant decided to go against his father and left his Kingdom (Mahal) and decided to receive divine knowledge. This is the starting journey of Siddhartha Gautama to become God's, Gautama Buddha. After leaving the palace Siddhartha goes to Anomia river corner and cuts his hair and comes in sage clothes. After that, Siddhartha came into Magadh where he started bagging.

Inspiration from Gautama God Buddha Life: 

What is the biography of Gautama Buddha?

When Siddhartha begging Magadh people's recognized him and brought to the king court then king Bimbisara offer Siddhartha his half Kingdom but Siddhartha say no to the king. After that Siddhartha got an education of yoga and meditation from the great teachers of yoga and meditation. After many years of rigorous patience, Siddhartha started meditating right.

After that Siddhartha reaching in Bodhgaya and sitting under a peepal tree and meditated for 49 consecutive days then Siddhartha attained divine knowledge. At that time Siddhartha was 35 years old. After that, till 80 years Siddhartha keeps promoting his thoughts and from that time and till now God Gautam Buddha has many followers all over the world especially in China, India, Nepal, Korea, Japan, and Nepal.

What is the biography of Gautama Buddha?

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