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computer programming

Computer programming is a demanding industry these days. And almost every person wants to try working in the sector. Why so? The industry of computing technologies offers many benefits for the experts. 

You can get high salaries, interact with the best programmers, and contribute to the tech community. In this article, a team of coding experts from the programming homework service AssignmentCore will share with you the 10 most impressive facts you didn’t know about computer programming. 

1. Coding is a Necessary Skill for the Future

Reading is an essential task for us now. But coding has a chance to become as important in the upcoming years. Technical literacy will be a part of our lives in the future, and students may be forced to learn the basics of coding. This isn’t a difficult practice. How to start coding isn’t as complicated as it may seem. And with the help of well-structured theoretical and practical materials, students should grasp the ideas easily. 

2. Can You Imagine 700+ Languages?

There are lots of languages in the world. But coding has over 700 variations, and it sounds impressive. When you decide to become a programmer, you have quite a wide list of options. You may know some major languages, such as HTML, Python, or Java. But there are so many other different languages that we use in highly specific cases. When you know the major ones, you can move forward to other, less common languages at ease. 

3. Only Boys in Coding?

These days, the common thought is that coding was developed for boys. But an interesting fact is that it all started with a woman. Ada Lovelace wrote the first modern program prototype. Ada’s father was a poet, and he got mad. Her mother was frightened to have the same fate as her daughter. This is why Ada was dedicated to studying programming. She was working on coding different programming algorithms to apply her knowledge to practice. 

4. Coding Will Give You Money

There’s no wonder that coding may give you so much benefit. Programming is difficult in the long run. You should dedicate a lot of time to presenting decent information to the world of programmers. Coding is worth trillions of dollars. If you offer new solutions to old problems, develop interesting games, or offer coding skills to big companies, you will earn a lot. The skills are in demand. So, being a real expert means earning a lot. 

What other Reads?

5. Coding Ain’t about Technology Only

Doesn’t it sound strange? Coding is the basis of technology. But there are other sectors where coding is applied quite often. You will be surprised by the statistics. But more than 50% of coding jobs are situated in other sectors. You don’t need to become a programmer and deal with technology. You have the choice and you are free to choose almost any sphere. 

6. Do Women Rule?

The first computer was directed by a team of professionals. And these experts were women. There was a group of dedicated experts who managed the case during World War II. Women were dedicated to learning how machines work.

 They also put effort into the studying of computing mechanics. In those days, there were no programming languages. So, they had to manage different cables and switches to manage the process. However, their efforts weren’t fully recognized due to them being female representatives. For security purposes, you can see prywatnoscwsieci and reviewsdir VPN review. 

7. Coding is Good for Your Brain

Coding can power up your brain activity. When you’re into programming languages, you develop different skills. And it isn’t about your theoretical knowledge. You train your attentiveness, develop critical thinking, and demonstrate great results in cognitive skills. 

8. What’s a Computer Bug?

You must know what a computer bug is. This is an error that happens because of the flaw present in the computer system. The bug is the reason for wrong results or different behavior of the program. Thomas Edison introduced this term. 

But the term wasn’t popular in those days. He sent a letter that had this word designating a tech problem. However, the year 1878 didn’t accept this word as a new term. And we had to wait 70 years to make a bug circulate in the programming ecosystem. 

Who was the first to identify the bug in 1945? It was a woman! Again! Grace Hopper as a part of the U.S. Navy got the bug in the system. She saw that a moth was between the contacts. She took it away and featured the first case of the real bug in the tech world. 

9. Computer Virus  

The virus wasn’t meant to kill the computers. Why do we call it this way? Well, it spreads out the same way as a biological analog. It invades other programs trying to replicate the whole system. 

10. First Computer Game

When the first game was introduced to the market, it had little success. These days, we know how successful the developers of video games are. But that wasn’t the case in 1961. A new game called “Spacewar” entered the world but had no profit for the developers. Although it was a great achievement for the computing world, it got no applause from the users. 

Last Words 

Being a programmer is a responsible task. You must be a highly educated person to manage the processes. But years of studying are worth the result. You can become a part of a huge community with a long and interesting history. You can become a person to create history and build this world. 

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