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nancy pelosi salary

Nancy Pelosi net worth 2020

 Nancy Pelosi's Net Worth

Nancy Pelosi's net worth is estimated at $141.3 Million. She also earns $21.5 Million from her family business. She receives a $2,23000 salary package. Nancy Pelosi also known as Speaker Pelosi is the most powerful woman in the USA. Nancy Pelosi is an American politician.

She is the only woman in US history to hold the position of speaker. From 2007 to 2011 she served as the speaker of the United States of America. She again beginning in 2019. Nancy Pelosi's salary is boosted to $223,500. 

 She is the speaker of the United State house of Representatives. The main source of her income is from US politics. She is the most influential woman in politics ever in the United States. She is the 3rd citizen of the USA.

Nancy Pelosi was born on 26 March 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the only girl and youngest child in her family. At the time of Nancy's birth, her policy father was a Democratic congressman from Maryland. 

Nancy Pelosi's mother was also active in the Democratic Congressman party. She organizing democratic women. At an early age, Nancy Policy was involved in Politics. She helps her father with various campaigns event. From 1967 to 1971 her brother Thomas D'Alesandro was a Mayor of Baltimore. 

In 1958 Nancy Pelosi completed her graduation from the all-girls high Catholic school the Institute of Notre Dame. In 1962 she completed her degree of Arts in Political Science from Trinity College. In 1960 she began her own political carrier by first interning for Senator Daniel Brewster. 

After that, she moves to San Francisco, California. Nancy Pelosi befriended 5th district congressman Phillip Burton. Later in 1976, she was elected as a Democratic National Congress member from California. She held that position until 1996.  

She married the love of her life, Paul Pelosi.  If we talk about their personal net worth it should be between $43 million to $202 million. It totally depends upon the stock investments, the value of real estate assets, and other private assets. 

Nancy Pelosi's Net Worth

Birth: 26 March 1940

Gender: Female 

Height: 5ft 4 in (1.63 m)

Profession: Politician

Nationality: United States of America 

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