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What’s better to play online games – Android or iPhone?

online games

Online games have emerged as one of the best pastimes, allowing gamers to enhance their skills and keep up their desire to compete and win. Today, when everyone is stuck at home with their personal and professional lives have been restricted to their four-walled households, these virtual gaming ideas appear to be a blessing. 

While most of them suffer from isolation because of being locked in far off from their family, there are a few who want some time alone or with friends. Whatever be the situation, online games offer them the best way of taking a time out and playing for entertainment and refreshment.

To play online games, you don’t necessarily need to have a PC at home, as was required a few decades ago. Today, the most portable device that accompanies you everywhere could be used to install and play different games. Yes, your Android and iPhone are so designed that they can store as many online games as you want. So, you don’t even need to wait. 

Online playing mobile games improve analytical and creative skills in people. It also advocated how passionate gamers are looking up to gaming as a full-time career due to the lockdown, which provided them a chance to explore the field. Given The advantages of these online games on the cognitive skills of gamers, the urge to play is increasing among those who did not take online gaming that seriously earlier.

The rapid increase in online gamers has made many online gaming platforms emerge with multiple games to entertain and refresh interested gamers during this social distancing era. The best part is that these games are compatible with both Android and iPhones. 

In such a scenario, one most frequently asked question is which out of the two devices is better to play online games. For example, if you are a rummy player, you get a rummy app download option for Android and iOS through Google and Apple Play Store, respectively. However, to make sure your gaming experience is better, you need to choose the better devices.

Let’s have a quick look at the user experience that both the devices offer concerning the following factors:

Game Release

When a gaming company announces the release of a game, it is very likely for that game to launch on the Apple Store first. Hence, if you are looking forward to playing any game before your friend, it is the iPhone that can help you. You will get the same download available on Google Play Store after it gets introduced for iOS. However, if you are not among those waiting to play first, you can wait for the game to be available for download for your Android. 


In 2016, Apple announced the uninstallation of outdated software from the handsets, thereby ensuring only better-quality games for users or gamers. In short, the brand emphasized quality over quantity. On the other hand, Google Play Store hosts a more significant number of games, which may or may not be of good quality. There might be some of the games that might not run well on your handsets. If you are among gamers who are looking for a better quality game than any whatsoever game to download on your device, iOS is recommended for you.


The number of iPhones launched at one time is far less than the number of Android devices in the market at a given point in time. Therefore, when the game developers develop a game, it is easier for them to test it on the iPhone models in the market, while it is impossible to do so for the Android handsets, which are thousands in number. As a result, when you have an iOS, you know that the game you are downloading must have been separately tested on the device you are using. Thus, playing any game on an iPhone will make it a better experience.


Apple is known for introducing new rules and regulations now and then. Like one day, it might be supporting your favorite game while it is no more compatible with it the next day. Wouldn’t it be annoying if you are already addicted to that game or that it is the only one you have fun playing? Of course, it would. However, the Android devices are free from any such restrictions as Google never intervenes with any game developed for Smartphones. Hence, if you want no limits in your gaming experience, Android would be the best-suited device for you to play online games.

User Experience

While in the case of iPhones, you can be assured that a game you are playing on one handset would be well-supported on other iPhone models as well, you cannot ensure this for Androids. Smartphones range from inexpensive handsets with lesser features to expensive handsets with advanced features incorporated in them. Hence, a flawlessly running game on one handset might not run that smoothly on other handsets because of compatibility issues. In the case of iPhones, the user experience is consistent for all Apple devices.


If you are buying a phone mainly for gaming purposes, Frames per Second or FPS is the determinant to be checked necessarily. In most cases, the games are capped at 30 FPS. This helps in the preservation of the battery life. 

However, some devices may be capped at 60 FPS. Based on this unit, you can select your handsets. However, it needs to have the minimum required FPS limit for your mobile device to support a game, which is not always achieved by an Android device.

Due to the strict regulations and software restrictions, Apple Store has no fake games hosted on the list of games for users. However, on the other hand, the lenient Google Play Store might have some fake games hosted on its platform. Thus, as a user, you must be careful before buying a phone if your primary purpose is to play online games as a professional gamer.


The gaming industry is the fastest growing industry all over the world, especially in India. Playing online games is not a waste of time anymore. The future of the gamer person is very bright. You can choose your carrier as a gamer and earn millions of dollars. So, gaming is the future and the future is now. 

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