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Best mobile games


best mobile games

Are you into mobile gaming? Then, it’s no secret that 2022 is the year of technology! Many tablets, smartphones, and other devices flood the market with great prices and great features. And, gamers should be aware of that as many products are developed especially for them! Below, we selected our top 5 mobile trends of 2022 used by mobile developers to keep a keen eye on. 

Reduce costs

Mobile companies work to reduce the production cost as much as possible but still make gaming on Genesis or other websites just as good as they are in the desktop version. How do they want to do that? A starting point was to use fewer resources and simplify their operating software. That will help them to produce more products and increase their volume on the market. From that, it will result in more profits which will lead to more product making. 

To make that possible, companies will run a CTR test (click to rate test) and see if the released game will be or not successful. Therefore they will think if that product needs any improvements and if it's interesting enough and keep the player's attention on it. 

What other Reads?

In-game ads

Another smart way to introduce someone to other games while playing one is by implementing ads in it. Companies do that to make other games popular. As you may have seen until now, some interactive ads let you play the game for a bit. If you like it, it means that there is a possibility to click on the ad and download it later. 

Even if this is a great strategy that starts from many companies, some players will find ads disturbing or annoying as they can appear anytime you play. Sometimes, they will lead to the app being permanently deleted. To avoid that, companies put a timer on the apps from 15 to 30 sec and then let the player go back to the game. 

Invest in tools

To make their sellings reach their peak, mobile companies will invest in tools. There is no secret that all firms will like to ask for Gametech assistance and tools in this regard. Due to their smart ecosystem and provided services, Gemtech is the one that keeps alive the mobile games industry, along with the companies. So, what can it provide? 

Development services - including engines, art tools, middleware, software management tools, localization, and audio tools

Operations - including ad monetization, analytics, customer engagement infrastructure & cloud services, or ad mediation 

Market analysis - done by using Flurry, GameRefinery, App Annie, GameAnalytics, and others

Growth - that includes ad attribution, influencer marketing, app store optimization, or user acquisition

5G for mobile gaming

Moving on to one trend that will be implemented faster than ever; the 5G for mobile gaming. If you are a gamer, 5G will be essential for you as it can change everything! Apart from making all the mobile and desktop games work faster, 5G is the feature for VR gaming. 

A better-augmented reality is an instant eye-catcher! In the future, VR and AR games can work with NO lags or other unwanted interruptions. It is said that the processing power of the game won’t be on your phone, tablet, or PC, but on other servers in your near proximity. 

Video live streaming

best mobile games

If you are a  professional gamer or not, the trend of streaming live from your mobile or other devices is common nowadays. As there are plenty of games to try out, there are many people interested in watching others' skills, experiences, or failures. Video live streaming can also generate lots of money. For instance, content creators that are at the beginning of their journey can attract followers and make them share their content on social media pages to gain more popularity.

There are plenty of apps available on the market that keep this trend up. To see other live streams, go to the mobile browser, App Store or Google Play and find the app you want to download to watch your favorite streamer on the action. For now, some of the most popular are Twitch, YouTube Live, and nano stream.


There are plenty of mobile trends in 2022 and they will remain in the market for a long time. Even if some of them are at the beginning, shortly companies will develop them further and lead them to another level. 

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