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What are Roman Numericals?

roman numericals

When it comes to mathematics and its topics, there are many to learn from. So much so that some of the topics get confusing and often difficult to understand. As we all know that there are different kinds of numbers.

 One of the forms of representation of numbers is the Roman numbers which were often used in ancient times mainly all over Europe. Roman numbers are a type of number system which was popular in the past and it included Latin-based letters to be used as a representation of numbers. Different letters have been used to represent different numbers and they can be laid out just like the numbers we use in the current time. 

In these tough times of the pandemic, it has become difficult to concentrate on studies properly. Everything is now being accessed through online mode therefore the amount of attention given by us as students are not as much as it would be when we would have class offline. Subjects like science and maths need a different kind of guidance and some of the students need more help in it than others.

 When maths concepts are taught in a class, not everyone understands the entire topic completely and is shy to ask the teacher about their doubts or the topic they might have not understood. All of these problems can be solved easily when students get a different and special platform for a subject like mathematics. 

How to solve Roman Numericals? 

roman numericals

This is what Cuemath is made for the students who like to explore and study new topics with ease can use Cuemath as their ultimate guide for all the topics of mathematics in which they find difficult. Cuemath comprises topics for all the classes and covers everything with the utmost details and brief explanation for every topic and also provides with the solution to all the word problems and sums related to the topic. 

Cuemath understands a student’s mind and knows that every student’s caliber is different. Therefore, the classes are for a 60-minute duration and the frequency is decided upon the student’s ability to understand the topic well. The students can have a one-on-one interaction with their mentors and easily ask for doubts between the sessions whenever they have one. 

Cuemath has the concept of Roman numbers explained and covered well. the mentors teach every aspect related to the topic with ease and concentrate on every student personally. Their focus is to make the student understand the basics first and then move ahead further with the portion as basics are important to build a base in any topic related to mathematics. 

The Roman numbers use decimal or a base-ten number system and are different from the number system we use. They are often used to represent elements of the periodic table. They are also used in the modern world by printing them on coins and other timepieces.

 Roman numbers are a way of representing generations as well, many royal families use roman numbers to show the predecessors and successors of the throne. Even in today’s times, people use Roman numbers to represent their generations widely, all over Europe.  

We at Cuemath, value every student and know that every student has a personalized way of learning and grasping the information provided to them. This is why Cuemath is built in a way that helps every student in the way they need and gives them the attention they require daily. 

There are pre-recorded lectures available and every student can access them whenever they want and in this way, the process of learning will never stop. When you get proper guidance, you will fall in love with the subject and maths won’t be tough for you anymore. 

So, learn math with Cuemath easily and have a lot of fun with the process of learning mathematics at your home!

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