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Top 4 SEO & Digital Marketing Trends

digital marketing trends

There was a time when data-driven marketing, AI, and VSEO were far-fetched concepts that people were doubtful about putting into practical use. Today, these and many other concepts have become a reality and make an essential part of top digital marketing trends. 

For business owners, who are looking to not only survive but also thrive in their contemporary landscape, can benefit tremendously from the services of a well-reputed Guest Posting agency. Simultaneously, businesses must also adapt to the fast-evolving digital market. 

No matter how big or small, each business has become a victim of a new era of Digital Darwinism, where consumer behavior can no longer be predicted, and businesses can no longer rely on old-school, educated guesses related to SEO and digital marketing trends. 

Read on to learn about X SEO and digital marketing trends that will help your business survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving technology market. 

 UGC (User Generated Content)

digital marketing trends

UGC is a powerful digital marketing strategy for any business that wants to comprehend the market interests of Gen Z and Millennials. Usually, digital marketers encourage the business’s target audience to share original and unique content while offering them some discount.

Sometimes the audience is offered an incentive as well. For instance, a clothing store can offer their buyers to share pictures of themselves in their purchased clothing items while using the company’s hashtag. With each picture posted, the clothing company would donate a certain amount to children suffering from starvation. 

Usually, UGC strategies are simple yet effective as they boost brand visibility and drive sales as the target audience expands and more people keep discovering their products and services. Business owners must now understand the contemporary customer behavior where people are more likely to trust other people than the brand’s claims for itself. 

At least 90% of shoppers are more likely to get convinced buying certain products and services based on the UGC influence. UGC comes in different forms, i.e., it could be a blog, client’s testimonial, or reaction videos made and posted by other users. 


Chatbots are increasingly getting adopted by many businesses that recognize the importance of AI (artificial intelligence) working at the core of many businesses. Chatbots provide users instant responses to their queries 24/7 through instant messages.

It has been estimated that chatbots will prevail in 90% of customer service in 2021. Businesses can benefit from chatbots tremendously by providing their clients and potential customers instant responses to their questions.

Many customers prefer communicating with chatbots as they sound more professional and intelligent. Chatbots can assess the client’s entire buying history and provide accurate information without losing patience (which can happen in the case of human customer representatives).

Chatbots are just another form of AI (artificial intelligence) inclusion in digital marketing and SEO techniques. With the integration of AI, such as chatbots, your business can save costs, generate a better user experience, expand your clientele, and focus on other tasks to boost sales and revenue.

IoT (Internet of Things) Advertising

As we pass through 2021, we see that smart technology is taking over the out lives. Besides our laptops, desktops, and tablets, we have smart cars, smart homes, smart wearable tech gadgets, etc. These appliances are a perfect example of IoT (Internet of Things). 

For 2021 and beyond, it is expected that technologies, appliances, and connected smart devices will continuously, even stealthily, collect data on where we are going, our online and offline activities, our beliefs and purchase, and even the food we are ordering and eating.

That said, SEO analysts and digital marketers will be using such collected data for advertising and business purposes as well. You might have heard about the “Blue Label” bottle of Johnnie Walker, which incorporates an in-built electronic sensor that can send signals when the bottle is opened while also telling its current location in the supply chain. 

It is predicted that with the maturity of the 5G technology, more devices that fall in the category of IoT will be able to generate “on-demand” content for customers while equally granting digital marketers with better advertising opportunities. 

Browser Push Notifications

Since 2020, more than 80% of online business stores have been using browser push notifications. With the enormous change in consumer behavior, it has been reported that more people are willing to sign up for browser push notifications as compared to the traditional newsletter. 

Usually, more than 6 hours pass before a subscriber or newsletter recipient opens the newsletter. When compared to browser push notifications, the recipients see the message content instantly, thus saving much time and effort. 

When engaging in brands, the behavior of Gen Z and Millennials differs as they prefer fewer touchpoints and favor the push notification method of communication over a newsletter. As we pass through 2021, browser push notifications are getting more personalized and more sophisticated than before. 

Digital marketers are realizing the importance of browser push notifications and are adopting this trend more than before. Compared to the genetic notifications, the conversion rate for segmented browser push notifications is higher. 

Behavior-based notifications are being used to attract and re-engage potential customers/ buyers who showed interest but did not convert in proceeding with their intended purchase. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the definitive list of the four most crucial digital marketing trends for 2021 and beyond that businesses, SEO analysts, and digital marketers ignore in today’s fast-evolving online landscape of global digital markets.

The pandemic has taught us about the uncertainty of life, and that change is inevitable. For businesses that are focusing on their past marketing strategies will miss out on the future and fail to stand out in their niche. Businesses must keep looking ahead and integrate innovative technologies, such as AI, chatbots, UGC, and other strategies, to gain a solid competitive edge over their competitors.  

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