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5 Examples of Top YouTube End Screens

youtube end screens

 Being a content creator is not easy, as you need to remember a lot of things. One such aspect that you constantly need to focus on is good viewership retention in your channel. If your channel suffers from reduced watch time over time, then the YouTube algorithm drops your rank very significantly. YouTube recommends only the creators who can keep their audience engaged and hooked to the content.

One of the best ways to ensure better customer engagement is by using the YouTube end screens. Yes! This clip lasts for a few seconds at the end of the video and can introduce a CTA like - asking the audience to subscribe, check out previous videos, visit any website, and a lot more. This can lead to a significant increase in the overall channel watch time and audience engagement.

Do you know how to use YouTube end screens? If not, then you shouldn't worry. In this blog, we will discuss it and show you a few brilliant examples as well.

What Can Be Promoted on End Screens?

Here are the top things you can promote on your YouTube end screen in the end.

1. Videos 

Most channels use YouTube end screens to promote their previous videos. You can add the links to your best videos or any video that might be related to the one the audience is currently watching. This works best when you are promoting a series of videos interrelated to each other. You can even add links to videos made by other creators in case you collaborate.

2. Playlist 

If there are too many videos to link in the end screen, choosing the playlist option is the best choice. If you want to divert the audience to a particular series or subject of videos, then you can add a playlist at the end of your YouTube videos. Your viewers will find it more convenient to find out all the videos in one place.

3. Subscribe Button 

The simplest way of using a YouTube end screen is by introducing a CTA that asks the audience to subscribe to your channel. Ask the people to hit the subscribe button for more videos in the future.

How to Add YouTube End Screens?

youtube end screens

Here are the steps that you have to follow to add YouTube end screens 

Step 1 - Once you upload the YouTube videos and fill in all the necessary details like the description, title, etc., click on Video Elements or click on NEXT.

Step 2 - Click on the Add an End Screen option right in front of you. Here you'll see a big list of all the templates for end screens that are available for your current video.

Step 3 - You will have to choose any of the templates from the list, or you can make your own end screen template by clicking on the "+Element'' option that will be present in the top-left position. You'll be able to choose from video, playlist, channel, subscribe, and link.

Step 4 - Add the necessary resources that you want to present on the end screen. Adjust the length of the end screen first. You'll have an option to choose between 5 - 25 seconds. Click on the Finish button to get a preview of the end screen that'll be shown.

Step 5 -  If you don't like the preview, then you should click on the Edit button and make the necessary changes. Or, if you find the preview to be satisfactory, click on the Save option & use the screen right away.

5 Best Examples of YouTube End Screens

Check out these five best examples of YouTube end screens that you can use from now - 

1. Essential Graphics by Film-24 

Made with the finest refinements and good quality graphics with a minimal style, this set of YouTube end screens comes in black, grey, and white colors. It is best for any commercial video.

2.  Flat Motion Sweet End Screens 

If you have a more casual approach to your video-making style, then these are cool and cute end screens you can use. It gives out a very positive and cool outlook to the videos. It can also be a good choice for bakers.

3. FCPX by BoxOfMotion 

Made for the Final Cut Pro software, this set of YouTube end screens has a very modern and sophisticated look. Their animations are smooth and give a very professional end to your videos.

4. Trap Youtube Screens 

If you want your audience to Like, Share and Subscribe to your channel, then nothing can get better than this collection of YouTube end screens. They come with unique designs & very fun animation. These can be used by any channel.

5. TemplatesBravo End Screen 

A simple yet very intuitive set of end screens comes with great sound effects and animations. You can ask the audience to subscribe to your channel with these end screens.

Few Things You Should Remember

Here are a few things you should remember when you are making YouTube end screens - 

  • Your video must be a minimum of 25 seconds to use an end screen.
  • YouTube end screen dimensions are usually in the dimension of 1280×720
  • The length of a YouTube end screen can be between 5-20 seconds.
  • The YouTube end screen can be inserted only in the last 20 seconds.
  • There can be only four elements at the same time - video, playlist, subscribe button, channel, or an external link.

Final Words 

If you can maximize the impact of your YouTube video in the last few seconds of the video, then it can leave a lasting effect on the viewers' minds. It can hook the users to visit your channel again or carry out the action that you wanted via a CTA. 

End screens are the best way to ensure that your viewers interact with your videos or external links for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our blog, and you'll be able to create end screens easily.

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