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How to Restrict the Editing and Altering of Your PDF Documents?


How to Restrict the Editing and Altering of Your PDF Documents 

The safest way to safeguard your valuable, confidential, personal and copyrighted information would be to hide it under lock and key and never allow it to see the light of day. 

It would then defeat the aim and purpose of creating the document to share or sell it. There needs to be a well-balanced approach between sharing the information contained in a PDF document and allowing the right, permitted individuals or entities to access it.

It can help to know that once your confidential PDFs documents have been distributed they can spread wildly to unauthorized individuals, parties, or entities to download, view, edit and misuse the information. If you are looking for comprehensive insights and protection to secure your PDF files, you need to maintain complete control over the documents you distribute. 

Modern information technology offers tremendous benefits when it comes to safeguarding your PDF documents. For one, you could use the inbuilt PDF document security (PDF password protection) that comes along with any PDF creation product. But as you would know, there are a host of third-party applications and software readily available on the Internet for free that could remove the protection from your PDF documents and alter or edit the information you've stored. 

To know where you lie on your digital transformation journey, ask yourself a few simple questions to understand how much time and money you can save with the right PDF document security solution.

  • How many individuals do you intend to share your PDF document with?
  • What percentage of these individuals or entities have access to PDF security tools?
  • How many of these authorized individuals or parties have access to digital signatures?
If you do not have answers to the above questions or you are unsure, you need to ensure that document sharing is secured and controlled at your end.

PDF digital rights management [DRM] security and copy protection is the answer to protecting your PDF files from being copied and unauthorized distribution. You can safely and securely share your PDF files without being worried about leakage, theft, or piracy. By giving you complete control over how a permitted individual is accessing or using the information within your PDF content, you can rest assure that your PDF files are always under your control.

Here are additional features of enabling document security and DRM copy protection software on your PDF files.

  • Protects you from document misuse: It prevents the printing of your PDF files or gives you control over how many prints can be permitted. It disallows screen grabbing, print screens and renders third-party screen grabbing applications useless. With expiry and revocation controls, you can expire your PDF files after being viewed a certain number of times. It also enables you to apply dynamic watermarks and locks the PDF document to specific devices and locations.
  • It gives you the ability to share securely: PDF DRM prevents unauthorized individuals or parties from viewing your PDF files, and stops authorized users from sharing them, thus eliminating the possibility of leakage, piracy, or theft. You get complete control over how your PDF files are used, who can access them, and when.
  • Provides dynamic control: With PDF DRM, you can change the access, printing rights, intellectual property restrictions, and more even after the file has been distributed. Through its use of dynamic watermarks, PDF DRM security applied to your protected PDF files will display the user information of the individual or party that has viewed or printed your protected documents. You can also revoke user access and PDF files from being further viewed or printed regardless of where they are located.

When it comes to protecting your PDF documents, you need to have complete PDF protection that does not rely on passwords, plugins, or JavaScript. You can prevent unauthorized access and control the usage of your PDF documents with PDF DRM security. 

PDF DRM security creates a simple way of giving and revoking access to individual users when required. The right PDF DRM software will also use public-key technology, US Government-approved AES encryption, device locking, licensing controls, and other robust security features to protect your documents.

Only through PDF DRM security can you be assured that you are receiving a secure yet straightforward and proactive security tool that provides you with the intrinsic integration and infrastructure to secure your PDF files from unauthorized access and misuse.

It's time to let go of insecure plug-ins, passwords, or JavaScript to protect your PDF files. Trust PDF DRM security to safeguard your content from being shared or edited without your permission.

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