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How to start Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing amazon affiliate affiliate marketing websites

Everybody dreams of earning money from home, especially in this lockdown. So, what is the best way to earn money? The answer is Affiliate Marketing. One of the best sources to earn money from home is Affiliate Marketing. Want to make money while sleeping, then start Affiliate Marketing.

All you have to do is promote other company products on your blog and get a commission whenever the user can buy a product through your Affiliate Link. It's a simple process. The best example of Affiliate Marketing is Amazon affiliate.

Do you know: Fashion is the most popular Affiliate Marketing category.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing 

what is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing amazon affiliate affiliate marketing websites

1. Create a website(blog).
2. Choose the right affiliate network.
3. Choose the right product related to your niche.
4. Review the product before promotion.
5. Research the most search keyword.
6. Try to rank on the top in SERP(Search Engine Results Page).
Tip: Learn SEO.

Affiliate Marketing Websites

what is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing amazon affiliate affiliate marketing websites

1. Amazon associates: The most popular affiliate platform is Amazon associates. You can promote any product that is listed on Amazon. Promote the work regarding your niche. The maximum commission you get of Amazon associates is 10%.

The best part about Amazon associates if someone clicks on your referral link, and even it's not the product you link to, count towards your affiliate revenue.

2. Blue host affiliate program: The best hosting affiliate program is Bluehost. The best hosting for WordPress is provided by Bluehost. They're powering over Million websites worldwide. Create your affiliate account and share your referral link.

You can earn up to $60 to $160 per sale. The more referral, the more you can make. Bluehost paid in commission more than $5 Million last year.

3. Click Bank: It is a leading global retailer and affiliate marketing service. Choose the product you want to promote. Choose the product based upon your audience's interest. You can earn up to $150 per referral.

4. Shopify: Join the Shopify affiliate program and earn up to $2000 per merchant referral. It is a leading e-commerce software which is mainly used by online retailer and blogger. Shopify is a platform worth referring to people. It is the best platform for your audience trying to sell online.

5. Lead pages Partner Program: Earn 30% recurring commission for long as your referral remains a lead pages customer. Become a lead page affiliate and start earning today. If you have a Digital audience, they will want this. If you have the right audience to target, it sells itself.

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